Eva Moskowitz: The Face of Positive Disruption of Education in New York

Eva Moskowitz is the CEO and founder of Success Academy. This is a network of charter schools and also happens to be the highest performing charter school network in New York City. Started in 2006 with the first school in Harlem, Success Academy has grown to 11,000 students distributed across 34 schools within its charter network. By far this is the largest network charter school in New York City. With its students mostly from struggling families and who may not be able to afford quality education, the Success Academy has ranked high in national proficiency test scores. In the latest New York State Assessments, 93% of students are marked as proficient on the maths exam, which is 58 points higher than the city average. In English, the network ranked in the top 3% of all schools statewide.



This success is not an overnight phenomenon, and it is the consequence of the curricular formulated and implemented mostly by its founder, Eva Moskowitz. According to Eva Moskowitz, she wants kids to be excellent readers, writers, mathematicians, and also to do discovery-oriented science five days in a week. Some of the disruptive curricular implemented within Success Academy include among others treating chess as an academic subject which students take. Eva believes this curriculum develops pure strategic thinking. The debate is also adopted as a subject to improve public speaking abilities. Students take part in local and national debate competitions. Each classroom is being stocked with its personal library to enable literary access, lessons are generated in-house, and the curriculum is the same across all schools in the network



There is also provision for sports, visual and performing arts. Though the emphasis is laid on the academic curricula in the school. Eva Moskowitz also happens to be a big believer in recess (an activity which has been suppressed by most public school systems). As a result, recess is observed in Success Academy through eighth grade. Eva Moskowitz believes this can help clear the boredom factor in education which is a major pain point in education, thus making the teaching methods observed in Success Academy focused on engaging the students.