OSI Group: Bringing Quality Food to Tables Around the World

If you value the health of yourself and your family,eating the highest quality food is of the utmost importance. Whether you are cooking at home or eating out, the source of the food can play a major role in the quality of the products. The OSI Group is one of the titans of the food production industry and a great model for others to follow. OSI Group utilizes the newest technologies in their plants to ensure the highest quality possible. By being heavily involved in the communities where their plants are located OSI Group connects with the individuals who will be their employees and neighbors. They were able to save a Tyson Foods plant in Chicago, Illinois as well as 500 jobs.

To further their relationship in the community they have actively worked with local charities such as the Ronald McDonald House and Feeding America. By engaging the community and leading the way with the newest technology OSI Group has been able to rapidly expand not only domestically but globally as well. In 2016 the group was able to acquire Baho Food which operates throughout the Netherlands and Germany serving 18 countries in Europe. They also recently acquired Flagship Europe to even further their reach in Europe with new products and distribution potential.

The key in any industry is the ability to adapt on the fly and over time. President David McDonald and CEO Sheldon Lavin have stayed ahead of the curve and are able to maintain their status at the top of the food production industry. They have always adjusted to the culture and cuisine of the communities they work in. This has been one of the major contributing factors to their continued success expanding their brand globally. Together Lavin and McDonald share a common vision of providing the finest quality foods while also having a positive impact on the communities they serve. So while we can’t predict the future, we can assume that moving forward OSI Group will continue to be a leader in the food production industry bringing the highest quality food to stores and restaurants near you.

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