How Does the Future of the Chainsmokers Look Like?

2016 was a very special year for EDM/pop duo The Chainsmokers. 2017, is when they began establishing their position in the charting history. Their rise to the top was so fast that anybody could have predicted. This proved that The Chainsmokers are very powerful than most people could imagine. The Chainsmokers owned 2016, and their tracks have never disappeared. They produced two great alums which were considered the best during the year.

They produced a song known as “Closer” that featured pop musician Halsey which managed to be a hit in the past year to date. The song has made history, and it was considered as the top ten on the Hot hundred of all times. The song was a hit in the uppermost region for up to 32 weeks which broke a record created by LeAnn Rimes after producing the song “How Do I Live”.

In addition to being categorized among the longest hits in the history of America, “Closer” spent an incredible time in the area, and it became a record for that time in the top five. The Chainsmokers also made history through the hit song “Don’t Let Me Down” which made them be considered the second-longest stay within the highest tier. The name of the group appeared between number 1 and 10 in a row for up to 61 weeks.

Currently, it is ranked as the second after Katy Perry, who has managed to last for up to 69 weeks within the top ten. At some point, The Chainsmokers owned three positions at the same time within the top ten, which is a rare thing, especially for the non-solo acts.
Most recently, The Chainsmokers released “Collage” which is worth listening to it, even if one does not like hip-hop. In everything The Chainsmokers do, they typify a millennial. This is associated with the music they make, the genre they reside in, and the fact they have chosen to release an EP and not to hold out a full-length album. All the songs of the band are for educating the young people. For example, “Collage” was tailor-made for the youths in many ways.