Doe Deere Speaks About Being A Woman In A Man’s World

Women today need to work twice as hard to be successful in the business world. Even today, women often find it hard to start a business and get it off the ground. Someone who knows full well just how hard it can be to be a woman in a man’s field is Doe Deere. She looks around and realizes just how many obstacles she’s had to overcome in her career to get where she is today. As one of the world’s leading entrepreneurs in the world of cosmetics and beauty, she understands that her own path can serve as a tale of inspiration for others to follow and admire. She wants her fellow women to know that it is possible enjoy a great deal of success in the business world just as she has done.


When She Was Young


When Doe Deere was young, she spent her childhood in Russia. Here, she was part of a nation that was Communist at the time. Despite her grounding in this system of government, the world of capitalism called to her. It was then that she made the momentous decision to immigrate. Her choice was to leave Russia for good and head to the United States. Landing in New York City, she at once felt at home. Here was some place she could make her own. New York City is a place for dreamers and Deere readily embraced this ethic. She loved living in one of the world’s most vibrant cities on the planet.


Taking The Plunge


As she made her way in the world, Deere realized that she wanted to merge her capitalism and her art at the same time. She began to experiment with all sorts of beauty products. In doing so, she quickly discovered there was a niche she could fill. Bland and boring rows of products were all she saw. She hated seeing makeup that looked like a world without color. She did not see the shades of color that would later become her trademark. It was then that the idea for Lime Crime began to form. She would do something daring. She would say to heck with the stuff she saw on the shelves of her local stores and create a cosmetics company of her very own.


Bringing It To Life


Since founding Lime Crime, Deere has enjoyed a great deal of success. Her success has been both fiscally and truly emotionally. She has been content to sit on her laurels. Instead, she’s continued to press ahead at every turn. Her vision is one that excites and amuses her. As her many millions of fans know oh so well, she’s there at forefront of the world of cosmetics. Her ideas about how color can be used have helped shake up the cosmetics industry much for the better. She knows that she can show other women how do the same she’s done in her own life. This is what motivates her to do what she does every single day.


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Doe Deere – article recap

It is safe to say that Doe Deere is not your average CEO. The pastel haired founder of the Lime Crime Cosmetics Company is a woman that is driven by her passion to share her love of vibrant colors to the world. Deere believes that vibrant colors allow a woman to express herself and show her creativity to the world. This philosophy guided the Unicorn Queen to early success in the makeup industry. Deere firmly believes in following your heart to make-your dreams come true. Learn more:

The Russian Beauty
The Russian Beauty arrived in New York City at the age of 17 with a big dream. That dream was to become a musician. Certainly, the music world is very competitive. Still, the young Doe Deere achieved that dream. Doe Deere still associates New York with her early learning years and her band years. It’s interesting to note that most Doe Deere fans do not realize that the founder of Lime Crime was once a professional musician.

On Lime Crime
Deere relates that she shifted to start a makeup company out of pure frustration. She states that it was almost impossible to find the type of vibrant makeup colors that she wanted. Consequently, Deere started Lime Crime to create her own line of bright and vibrant color makeup. Soon, Deere discovered that there were other young women that were hungry for those same bright colors to define their look and personality. Deere established an enormous fan base for her cosmetics along with customers. She noted that filling that need for bright colors in a neutral based cosmetic industry led to Lime Crime’s success.

Top Female Entrepreneur
Today, the pastel haired Unicorn Queen is firmly established as a leading female entrepreneur on the Internet. Deere has a great connection with her fans via social media sites online. Deere believes that e-commerce is going to continue to attract more female entrepreneurs wishing to establish a business online. Deere likes her role as a female entrepreneur that has inspired other young women to follow their dream and start their own business. She states it actually feels good to know you are inspiring young women and she fully supports them. Deere also believes that it is important to find a person that inspires you too. Early on, she was inspired by fearless women that definitely had their own sense of style. Even today, she finds inspiration on sites like Instagram.