Serge Belamant Has Done Some Great Things For Technology

In 1989, Serge Belamant created blockchain technology. It took a lot of work to develop this, and he has a patent for the technology that he created. Blockchain is described as being a list of records that have all been linked together by something known as cryptography. Serge Belamant worked hard to make blockchain technology, and he was able to create it only because of how smart he is. From an early age, he had to learn a lot, as he moved from France to South Africa as a teenager and had to learn a new language.

Serge Belamant’s parents pushed him to be all that he could be, and he learned to write in English as a teenager. He was a bright boy in school and was known for being outgoing and for his athletics, in addition to how well he did in his studies. Serge Belamant was an expert at chess and many other activities during his time in high school, and he decided to further his education from there. He chose to study engineering and started with that but later decided that he would rather put a focus on computer science and mathematics. And, although he never graduated with the degree that he was after, he made the smart choice, as he was able to use what he learned in school to help him create blockchain technology.

Serge Belamant has gone on to become the founder of a few technology companies. His locations today are in South Africa and London, and he deals with personal finance in addition to technology. He is known for all of the great work that he has done with technology, and he is a well-respected man in that industry. And, Serge Belamant is continuing to work in technology industry still today.

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