Meet Shafik Sachedina


In his extremely critical demanding career working at the Secretariat of his Highness at the Aga Khan Department for the country of France, Dr. Shafik Sachedina is an extremely busy man who has devoted his extensive medical career starting as a dental medical specialist moving all the way to the highest medical positions in the world.

Job Duties of a Genius

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is used to the spotlight and handling the pressures of running all of the medical programs in his long career.

Busy Man

Shafik Sachedina is in charge of assisting and creating the various activities and community outreach programs under his direct command. This is not easy as there are 16 different institutions in the Ismail Community. He also handles with ease the Aga Khan development Network. This is located elsewhere in Central Asia. He does a similar role at both locations leaving himself very little free time.

The Early Years of a Medical Motive

Being born as an infant from the fascinating country of Tanzania in the beginning of the 1950s, he did well in school and eventually graduated medical school at the age of 25 in the mid 1970’s. At this time his passion was dentistry and he became a surgeon in that field. The University of London gave him his degree from their subsidy Dental school Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School and he set up his practice for dental procedures in the United Kingdom.

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A Kind and Generous Man With His Tine

He began to get interested in reaching out to his community and others around the globe. He began investing in various industries in the medical field and willing to spend his time volunteering.

Nursing Home Chairman

On top of all his other duties around the world, he has found time to devote to Suffix County in a nursing home helping residents live as healthy and normal lives as they can in their golden years. They have a training academy to make sure all staff are sensitive to the needs of geriatric patients. They have many activities and sessions of learning to keep their minds active. Dr Sachedina helps to coordinate the physical therapy activities and oversees the safety of all the patients.

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