Todd Levine: The Experienced Commercial Litigator

Commercial litigation refers to an extensive field of law that encompasses various types of litigation lawsuits between businesses. Commercial litigation is also a mushrooming field of law whose growth is spurred by a significant trend of in-home companies, and the diversification of various enterprises. The issues raised in commercial law can be as diverse as possible with many issues affecting the industry. For Todd Levine, commercial law has been the hallmark of his career. He is prominent for being a co-founder of the Kluger, Silverman as well as Levine Law Firm in Miami.

Todd Levine’s Experience

Coupled with a definite knack of law in real estate litigation, Levine has been practicing for more than twenty years. He has also majored in handling technical issues surrounding businesses including property managers, buyers, as well as sellers. He also deals with contractors and commercial real estate developers. Levine has also been involved in financial investing and finance arrangements. Todd Levine is a skilled individual with vast knowledge in developing strategies that can work well for his client’s cases. He combines his passion for music and art with his scientific skills to practice law. Being a musician too, he finds various ways to incorporate creativity as well as analytical skills mainly when taking up new clients. His investigative skills may involve creating a legal argument in order give some clarity regarding a confusing subject. Other times, it may mean finding a piece of evidence that can make or break a client’s case.

Education and Contribution to the Law Society

Todd Levine graduated from the Florida University of Law where he was later recognized in multiple publications and lists. He also won several awards such as Super Lawyers ( and Florida Trend Magazine. Being a member of the Kluger and Kaplan P.L., Todd Levine is prominent for immersing himself in the client’s objectives to find a better winning strategy for them. Todd Levine understands that there are many types of cases, disagreements, and fights. These issues can be solved in many ways. He adds that an experienced commercial litigator is in a position to find the right method to speed up the process.

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Jeremy Goldstein: Independent Lawyer With Business Experience

After Jeremy Goldstein graduated law school, he worked in a firm that was helping people through the business opportunities they had. He knew there were different things he would have to do and knew there would be a way for him to make these things better if he was actually giving them the advice they need. Thanks to Jeremy Goldstein, businesses have had the chances they need to be successful. In addition, Jeremy Goldstein likes to give advice on how people can learn more about the company they work for. He knows it is not always easy to be someone who is an employee so he tries to make it easier on those who are in the different industries. Learn more:


After Jeremy Goldstein had worked in a firm for a short period of time, he realized he actually wanted to work for himself. He didn’t think the firm was giving him what he needed so he pushed to make sure he was going back to the different things that were happening in the industry. For Jeremy Goldstein, this meant he would have to continue helping people realize what they could do to make their career better.


As things got better for Jeremy Goldstein, he knew his clients would need to make their own lives better. He also knew there was a way for people to try different things and to make sure everyone knew what they were doing to be successful. Thanks to Jeremy Goldstein, many people learned how to run their companies more successfully. In addition, Jeremy Goldstein knew there would be a way for people to actually learn what they could offer their customers. He wanted even small businesses to be able to attract the quality employees they desired. He also wanted them to realize there was a chance to try new things if they were in the right type of business.


From small businesses to large businesses and everything in between, Jeremy Goldstein is not afraid to give them the things they need. He is a business lawyer who likes to provide consulting and that’s what has given him the motivation to continue helping all the clients he has. As long as Jeremy Goldstein is doing things to make sure his company is successful, he knows he will be able to try different things. For Jeremy Goldstein, this means he has to make sure he is helping everyone through the issues they would typically face.