Todd Levine: The Experienced Commercial Litigator

Commercial litigation refers to an extensive field of law that encompasses various types of litigation lawsuits between businesses. Commercial litigation is also a mushrooming field of law whose growth is spurred by a significant trend of in-home companies, and the diversification of various enterprises. The issues raised in commercial law can be as diverse as possible with many issues affecting the industry. For Todd Levine, commercial law has been the hallmark of his career. He is prominent for being a co-founder of the Kluger, Silverman as well as Levine Law Firm in Miami.

Todd Levine’s Experience

Coupled with a definite knack of law in real estate litigation, Levine has been practicing for more than twenty years. He has also majored in handling technical issues surrounding businesses including property managers, buyers, as well as sellers. He also deals with contractors and commercial real estate developers. Levine has also been involved in financial investing and finance arrangements. Todd Levine is a skilled individual with vast knowledge in developing strategies that can work well for his client’s cases. He combines his passion for music and art with his scientific skills to practice law. Being a musician too, he finds various ways to incorporate creativity as well as analytical skills mainly when taking up new clients. His investigative skills may involve creating a legal argument in order give some clarity regarding a confusing subject. Other times, it may mean finding a piece of evidence that can make or break a client’s case.

Education and Contribution to the Law Society

Todd Levine graduated from the Florida University of Law where he was later recognized in multiple publications and lists. He also won several awards such as Super Lawyers ( and Florida Trend Magazine. Being a member of the Kluger and Kaplan P.L., Todd Levine is prominent for immersing himself in the client’s objectives to find a better winning strategy for them. Todd Levine understands that there are many types of cases, disagreements, and fights. These issues can be solved in many ways. He adds that an experienced commercial litigator is in a position to find the right method to speed up the process.

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Randal Nardone Shows Stellar Decision-Making as CEO at Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group may not be as well-known to the general public as some other names, but this asset management firm is a true force in its own right, controlling billions of dollars worth of property. 1998 is when a man named Randal Nardone, as well as his trustworthy co-founders, first decided to bring the Fortress vision to life. Mr. Nardone already knew quite a bit about finance decisions and the investment world because he had previously worked with BlackRock, and was therefore bringing much to the team with his involvement.

Randal Nardone has been this group’s chief executive officer for more than five years now, and he has spent more than a decade on its board of directors. When it comes to credit, private equity and business management, Randal Nardone is not at all short on experience. Much of the growth that Fortress Investment Group has enjoyed over the past decade has been influenced heavily by Randal Nardone’s contributions. He initiated the organization’s subsidiaries called Fortress Registered Investment Trust as well as Fortress Credit Corporation. More about Randal Nardone at Bloomberg.

In 2017, a major event took place regarding Fortress Investment Group. It was purchased by one of the biggest Japanese organizations around, Softbank, and the price tag was quite substantial, more than $3 billion! After this deal reached its completion, Randal Nardone’s position within the company was not affected at all, and he has continued his stellar decision-making. Fortress, which used to trade publicly for those who follow the NYSE, now only trades privately after this deal.

Randal Nadone, it seems, is quite pleased with the deal that happened between Fortress Investment Group and Softbank. It could, according to Randal Nardone, create new potential for more rapid growth, as the organization will now gain the privilege of a new resource: a greater amount of credit to work with. Although a number of changes have occurred, Fortress Investment Group got on with operations as usual quite immediately after the purchase, and it is still based in New York. Mr. Randal Nardone is astonishingly one of the people recognized by the popular magazine, Forbes, for its yearly billionaire list.

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Law Firm Of Victims’ Advocate Jeff Herman Announces Lawsuit Against Catholic Diocese

A young man who alleges that he was sexually abused by a Catholic priest has taken legal action in a case that is being conducted by famed attorney and victims’ advocate Jeff Herman. Named as defendants in the case are the Diocese of Allentown, Pa., and Monsignor Francis Nave.


Known only as John Doe, the victim was 16 years old when the abuse began in 2012. At the time, the boy was living with his mother and stepfather in Virginia. Having experienced physical and emotional abuse at home, the boy sought help from Nave, who was at the time the pastor of the Sacred Heart Parish in Bath, Pa. The two first communicated by telephone and through text messaging, but later began to use visual technology, including Skype. The boy had discussed his depressed state and was told by Nave that, as a member of the clergy, he could provide the psychological support that was needed in this case. See Related Link for additional information.


It is alleged in the lawsuit that Nave took advantage of the boy’s trust and began to exploit him in a sexual manner. In sessions that were transcribed, the boy was asked to remove his clothing and to stimulate himself, with the priest participating in the same sexual activity. His attorney, Jeff Herman of Herman Law, referred to John Doe as a “brave young man” who is working to expose a “sexual predator” who was for so long in a powerful position. One goal of the lawsuit is to help prevent future cases of abuse.


Herman Law is dedicated to helping the victims of sexual abuse.


Founder Jeff Herman is known as one of the leading legal advocates for such victims, with his firm having obtained more than $200 million in damages on their behalf. Herman’s expertise allows his clients to overcome the emotional pain associated with sexual abuse and start the recovery process.


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