US Money Reserve’s TV Discussion On Gold And Silver Value

US Money Reserve has released many television advertisements about its products and mission, but just last year they decided to go further and hold a “2016 Gold Summit” television discussion event as part of Direct Response Television. This event was hosted in a debate-style format with three experts from US Money Reserve answering questions from Larry King, the former CNN news anchor who served as a moderator for the discussion.

The experts on the debate panel were US Money Reserve President Philip N. Diehl, Master Numismatist John Rothans and a former company sales executive Brad Castillo. Also speaking on the benefit of owning gold and silver was former President’s Ronald Reagan’s son Michael Reagan.

US Money Reserve is an Austin, TX gold and silver sales company that is one of the highest rated companies in product quality in the market. The products they sell range from basic gold and silver coins to high-value bars and even platinum. One of US Money Reserve’s main endeavors is to educate investors on the importance of having assets stored in gold and silver and the reasons for this are many.

But one of the main reasons is that the markets can be highly volatile and subject to downfalls in an instant from either war, trade deficits, or out-of-control national debt. When hard times come, banks usually start turning to gold to back their assets.

An expert on precious metal bullion is Philip Diehl, the US Money Reserve’s president and the only former US Mint Director who currently leads a privately-owned company. Diehl’s work at the US Money Reserve includes piloting the 50 States Quarters initiative and minting the short-lived Sacagawea gold dollar.

But most notably he streamlined the US Mint’s customer service through having an ecommerce website with system support, and by the end of his tenure he had turned the US Mint into one of the most profitable agencies. Diehl came to US Money Reserve because he was pleased with the high values the company placed on investor relations.

Just as he had done with the US Mint, Diehl was also part of a recent renovation of the US Money Reserve website. Customers now have more interactive displays to behold including mobile device compatibility, additional photos in the website gallery and more information about purchasing.

For customers who need extra assistance making purchases, returns or even IRA transfers, customer support is available through the company’s Client-Connect Advantage software. You can get more information about investments by going to