Jeff Aronin serves as the chief executive officer and chairman of Paragon Biosciences, a healthcare development and bio pharmaceutical investment firm based in Chicago, Illinois since 2010. In the world of bioscience investments, Jeff Aronin is one of the top players on the stage. His vision and strategic management have made Paragon Biosciences a tremendous force in the scope of medical investments.

Paragon is not Jeff’s first rodeo, however. Jeff has been involved as founder, co-founder, and chief executive officers of Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals, Ovation Pharmaceuticals, and has served as a consistent lecturer at the esteemed University of Chicago Booth School of Business. His aspirations is displayed through his history of leadership and innovation.

The most recent endeavor is MATTER, a group of investors in Chicago working to solve the challenges of healthcare and healthcare investment. The mission of MATTER is to help all stages of growth in a startup company solving issues surrounding healthcare, developing a synergy of respected health systems as well as executives to learn from each other and ultimately, help businesses thrive on challenge becoming more successful.

MATTER promises to bring an innovative approach to bio medical sciences which is the wheelhouse of Jeff and his team of investors.

Is Jeff Aronin taking the medical investment world by storm? It would indeed seem so through his ventures and notoriety. Recently, Jeff was recognized for his efforts by Insights Care magazine as one of the 20 Most Influential Leaders in Healthcare for 2018. Jeff has followed key principles in leadership, recruiting and retaining a highly skilled professional team that shares his vision for the future of biomedical sciences.

Jeff Aronin continuously raises the bar in biomedical investments and development. Starting out as a motivated investor throughout the Midwest, he has taken his leadership and integrity world wide, focusing on those businesses that promise a new horizon in biomedical sciences.

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SightSavers of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

GiveWell and Sight Savers:


GiveWell is a nonprofit that evaluates charities by their effectiveness and benefits they provide to the community that it serves. Effectiveness is measured through community feedback/assessments and cost budget analysis. The significance of GiveWell is that it only funds and only acknowledges elite level charity programs that provide exceptional services. This company only recruits and recommends high-quality programs and one of those programs happens to be Sightsavers nonprofit. Sightsavers is a highly favored charity for its deworming program based in the UK. Sight Savers expands international services in preventing blindness and supporting individuals with impaired vision.


Is the Service Necessary?:


The charity specializes in medication for infectious diseases such as Onchocerciasis, also known as River Blindness. River Blindness derives from the Onchocerca volvulus: a parasitic worm that causes a bacteria infection which hardens the inner parts of the eyelid known as trachoma. Trachoma is highly contagious and has resulted in visual impairment or blindness for millions of citizens. Parasitic worms infect more than 33% of the world’s population by Schistosomiasis and Soil-Transmitted Helminths. Soil-transmitted helminthiasis is also caused by different species of worms that can be found in widespread poverty and locations where sanitation is of low priority. Soil-transmitted helminthiasis can cause mental and physical growth impairments which affect our youth. Children are the leading population most likely to become infected with Onchocerciasis. The second leading population includes those who live in close vicinities of impoverished residencies. Women are three times more likely to be medically diagnosed than man due to their heightened interaction with infected children. Deworming is the act of digesting Anthelmintics to remove parasitic worms from the intestines. Preventive treatments involve treating areas with high prevalence of helminthiasis and schistosomiasis. prescription medications such as praziquantel kill the parasites like liver flukes and blood flukes that cause bilharzia, while ‎Anthelmintics kills soil-transmitted helminths. Through GiveWell funding, SightSavers Charity programs have served billions of individuals around the world. Infected patients have received treatment for little ($0.02 cents) to no expense in a short amount of time. Availability for deworming medicine at local health centers and in schools fortifies trusted relationship between Sightsavers and affected communities. Sightsavers has invested in community change through powerful relationships with GiveWell. Site Savers Program and GiveWell have the common interest for healing and restoring humanity.


Is Sightsavers successful in its efforts?:

Their active planning and evaluation resulted in a successful implementation of deworming programs in affected communities. Sightsavers Charity Programs have expanded massively in Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon with an evidence-based support that there is strong evidence that administration of the drugs reduces worm loads.

Shafik Sachedina: Specialists And Choices

Watching a loved one go through some of life’s most brutal mental diseases can be tough. However, the care they receive can help improve their situation if you believe in getting them to the right place. Sussex Healthcare is that place. Shafik Sachedina is one of the chairmen responsible for making this Sussex healthcare network the largest of its kind.

The care that each patient can receive depends, on what they need, Sussex helps with dementia, Alzheimer’s, brain injuries, multiple sclerosis, and various disabilities. Older individuals who require frequent care are also helped here. Between the games, music, therapy, and social engagements, patients do experience improvements in their memories. Sussex Healthcare is the best place to take your loved one for care and has 20 facilities. So there is space for them to get help.

Nutritious meals are also cooked according to what each patient can have. Some of them are in diet plans that require a certain amount of protein and others not so much. There are experienced staff members available that can cook so that each patient can get what they need in their plan. Shafik Sachedina and Shariz Boghani played a role in making the sure the food is delicious and to the patients liking.

Most of the activities that Sussex Healthcare uses are designed to improve the health of the patient. These activities can include various physical games, and swimming. Reflexes are improved threw playing a mild game of ball tossing. Arts and crafts are designed to help patients concentrate on specific tasks. This helps dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. It slows down the disease process when seniors have to use their minds to concentrate or stay focused. This gives them a chance to fight and live longer. Shafik Sachedina understands about staying focus and this is largely his area of expertise.

Sussex Healthcare has the better care when it comes to the seniors and disabled. Shafik Sachedina business provides a great deal of services that can not be found in one place. If you have a loved one, they will be completely cared for.

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Kamil Idris is a former Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization with Sudanese diplomatic roots. He currently heads the International Court Arbitration and Mediation. Idris’s specialty is mainly in globalization and intellectual property issues. The issues also include IP law and economic development.


In an interview with, Idris said that globalization has brought about pitfalls in Intellectual Property due to piracy and production of counterfeit goods and services. Acquisition of patents for commodities created by an individual or an entity has become difficult too due to the cumbersome application process. Copyrights have also been broken as a result of the communications revolution. This, according to Idris has been made possible by the availability of internet access around the globe with the click of a button. Additionally, the improved communication has fueled the production and distribution of counterfeit goods. World Intellectual Property Organization has helped counter such issues by enacting The WIPO Copyright Treaty and the WIPO Phonograms and Performances Treaty (WPPT), which establish protection levels for people who own copyright-protected products digitally. Additionally, WIPO has training programs, workshops, and seminars for both the users and IP administrators.

According to Kamil Idris, the globalization has caused many patent applications, most of which are pending. Kamil has helped WIPO to provide forums on which users can seek affordable and efficient IP services.


Kamil also addressed the issues whereby China was accused of violating the Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Agreement which stipulates fairness in IP related issues. China, being a member of the World Trade Organization was charged by the European Union of depriving prospective E.U. companies seeking to establish themselves in China off the ability to negotiate market-based terms in technology transfer agreements freely. President Trump too has threatened to impose $150 billion worth of duties as a result of IP violation in the country. Idris stepped in saying that a country can use their IP sharing standards to protect themselves against the abuse of the framework to reduce trade barriers. Idris also said that a nation could opt out of enforcement mechanisms.

The Majesty of Hawaii’s Waiakea Volcanic Water

To simply get straight to the point, Waiakea Volcanic water is outperforming other brands of bottled water. This water is very unique thanks to its fine attributes. When it comes to some of the purest alkaline water on the market today, Waiakea tops the list. Why is this particular water so unique? Well, Waiakea Volcanic water comes from an actual volcano. Doesn’t that sound cool? This water goes through an intricate purification process. This purification process starts on the inside of the actual volcano as the liquids drain through the porous rock. Yes, this is over 14,000 feet of porous rock.


This specific area of the globe receives a large amount of rainfall. In most cases, this rainfall will commence for at least 300 days per year. The rainwater is collected at the roof of the humungous Mauna Loa volcano, and it will then begin its downward decent. During its decent through the volcano, the water will pass through one of the absolute best filtration systems. This filtration system just so happens to be all-natural. By the time the water exits the rock, it will have been viciously cleaned to the highest degree. Waiakea Volcanic water sports an 8.8 pH level on the affluent pH scale. This specific scale is used to measure the acidity of drinking water, and it goes from 0 to 14. The average range for good drinking water is just above a 7.0 on the pH scale, but Waiakea’s water starts at a strong 8.8.


This industry has grown so dramatically over the past few decades and as of today, this industry is worth $100 billion. Italians are the main consumers of bottled water, but there are many more nationalities that are chipping-at-the-bits. All in all, Waiakea Volcanic water is here to stay because it has a strong foundation, has a strong following and has a strong will to succeed.

Sussex Healthcare Provides Quality Service Through A Range Of Employment Opportunities

Sussex Healthcare has been providing physical, mental and social care for senior adults living within the Sussex region of the U.K., for more than 25 years. They employ a staff of trained professionals who play an active role in the service their senior residents receive.

As part of this organization’s ongoing effort to ensure seniors receive the best quality of life possible, they offer comprehensive audiology services. This process includes a full assessment of a person’s hearing as well as a hearing aid fitting. Sussex Healthcare also provides free hearing clinics for anyone living within the locations of Sussex, Kent, Berkshire or Surrey.

As one of the leading healthcare organizations in the U.K., the leadership team takes pride in offering their employees competitive wages, benefits and on-the-job training. This company recently announced the appointment of Amanda Morgan-Taylor as their new CEO. As someone who has an established background in quality management, her first duty in her new role will be to appoint a new Director of Quality, Compliance and Service Improvement. Quality management is an essential element in providing superior care, which is why Ms. Morgan-Taylor will be visiting all 20 of the company’s senior residential facilities to see how they operate.

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As with any company in the healthcare industry, Sussex Healthcare is always looking to hire qualified individuals. The broad range of services they provide to their senior residents allows for more job opportunities in entry level positions as well as in management and above. Some positions this company is currently looking to fill includes both kitchen and laundry assistants. The duties of the Kitchen Assistant include helping to prepare meals, keeping work surfaces clean and reporting any breakage or deficiency of cooking items or utensils. The duties of the Laundry Assistant include providing a superior level of service for laundering items as well as adhering to hygiene standards and keeping tabs on stocked supplies.

In addition to this organization’s non-medical or non-skilled trades, they also have openings for leadership positions. Some of these openings include a Care Home Team Leader, Deputy Care Home Manager and Accounts Assistant. To work as a Team Leader at one of their homes, an individual must posses their level 3 NVQ. Sussex Healthcare provides full training at their Academy for this position. The Accounts Assistant works with the company’s Director of Finance in all related areas as they pertain to account ledgers and record keeping.

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InnovaCare Health Excelling through the Leadership of Rick Shinto

InnovaCare Health deals with the provision of healthcare services in Puerto Rico. The company operates two healthcare plans in the region, PMC Medicare Choice Inc., and MMM Healthcare Choice. The two programs involve in offering high-quality health care services with the aim of promoting both physical and emotional wellbeing of patients. The company has a success rate of over 90 percent, which is a clear indication of their credibility in offering services. Read this article about Innovacare at

Strong Leadership

InnovaCare Health mission statement indicates they have an obligation of changing healthcare management in the modern healthcare environment. Sure enough, InnovaCare Health is living up to this declaration through employing strong management led by Rick Shinto. Through his leadership, the company manages to deliver quality medical care.

Rick and his team practices good communication have a healthy working relationship and have a clearly laid vision which they all work towards. Additionally, the company is operated with a lot of transparency which has helped it soar high in the healthcare sector.

Rick Shinto Responsibilities at InnovaCare

As the CEO and President of InnovaCare, Rick Shinto is faced with the responsibility of gearing change within the company’s management and service delivery. He is highly accredited for motivating his team towards giving their all with the aim of helping those in need.

Since his election as the leader of the company, InnovaCare has realized a lot of success including making health care services affordable to many people. This action has led to the healthcare gaining massive followers. Over 70 percent of Puerto Rican residents are using InnovaCare health services instead of depending on health insurance companies.

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This move has made it easy for the residents to access those services at an affordable price without loss of quality.

Professional Experience

Prior joining InnovaCare Health in 2012, Rick Shinto worked as the President and CEO of Aveta Inc. During this time, he was awarded the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, an award that is given to those entrepreneurs who apply innovative ideas, financial performance, and are driven by the desire to help the community as a way of achieving success.

He has also worked with NAMM, California as the Chief Medical Officer and with Medical Pathways Management as the Chief Medical Officer and the Chief Operating Officer. Check more about Innovacare at