James Dondero Proceeds with Philanthropic works in Dallas Community

Entrepreneur James Dondero rarely encounters a typical day. For the longest time, James has had long, busy appointments that fill up his day. Part of this work factors on supporting various Dallas community organizations. His most significant bestowal went to the Dallas Zoo. Visit jimdondero.com to know more about him.

The Dallas zoo goers saw a change in 2001. The management decided to shut the hippo habitat permanently- the decision based upon the death of an old hippo called Papa. The people complained, but the administration still went on with their plan.

For two decades, residents sent many letters petitioning for the reopening of the habitat. The residents yearned for the fun times they spent watching the hippos with their loved ones. All fans hoped the management would change its mind and accommodate the animals.

Despite the delay, the management restored the hippo zone. Initiation of the project required $ 14 million to cover construction expenses for a safeguarded hippo environment. The administration didn’t have such kind of funds.

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To further the project, James Dondero intervened and contributed $1 million. James donation was a significant move that spurred the rehabilitation process. So far, the hippo habitat is complete, and the zone now goes by the name Simmons Highland Outpost. The outpost now has a lodge known as Highland Capital Lodge.

James Dondero received a hefty appreciation from all. The management gratitude came in the form of borrowing words from James’ company. Now, the residents enjoy family time and hold events on the 5,000 square foot space.

Apart from donating to the Dallas Zoo, James Dondero has engaged in other charitable acts. He contributed to the Presidential Library & Museum of George W. Bush. Also, he gave away funds to Perot Museum of Natural Science and Education is Freedom Charity. James Dondero owns the Highland Dallas Foundation, which aids the Dallas community. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.