3 Possible Reason for A Stock Market Crash By Ted Bauman

In a recent article, Ted Bauman investigates three possible scenarios that could lead to a stock market crash. Ted argues that although the current bull market may continue, the odds are likely to plummet. Ted, who studied in South Africa and moved to the United States, is likely to be right because of the valuable, proven success and his focus on low-cost housing projects. Ted Bauman has a good track record of helping over 14 million people in several countries.

Ted states that three possible scenarios will cause the stock market to crash: –

1. Return to Average Ration

Ted often states that the market in the United States is overhauled. He uses the CAPE ratio, which compared corporate earnings to the prices of the stock to point out that most companies have a higher CAPE ratio. But Ted Bauman argues that the market will return to standard ration after a year or so, and this could have some effects to the stock market.

The first effect as Ted Bauman describes it is that investors might fear that they will not get their dividends and thus pull out. Alternatively, Ted says that the asset might be more appealing and therefore attract more investors.

2. Yield Curve

The second scenario that Ted Bauman describes is that of investors recognising the yield curve and thus invest in short-term interest rates. Ted argues that if a significant shift is to happen, then there would be an impeachment following several proceedings, which would, in turn, hurt the economy over the next several years.

3. Crash and Bounce Scenario

Lastly, Ted explains the crash and bounce scenario. A typical situation for that is expected to happen in a market where nothing is going wrong. An excellent example that Ted gives is a similar incident that took place in 1987 when there was the most significant one-day percentage drop for Dow Jones Industrial.

The Work and Life of Ted

Ted is a financial analyst and editor for several publications that have thousands of subscribers per month. Due to his unique educational background in South Africa, Ted manages to provide extensive knowledge to his readers through Banyan Hill Publishing and The Bauman Report.

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Shervin Pishevar Addresses the Issues of US Economy on Twitter.

Shervin Pishevar is one of the original investors in the Uber, a very reputable transports services agency.

Recently, Shervin Pishevar went on Twitter to express his feelings about the state of the nation. However, due to his vocal nature, people have not taken his opinions expressed in the tweets seriously. What people have not understood is that Shervin Pishevar has a very bright mind and there is likely to be some useful insights into his views and opinions. He is one of the few individuals that possess the most critical mind in the current USA. One of his tweets explains how he fears that the United States could be losing its superiority to other upcoming economically powerful countries like China. In this tweet, he cites that the reason behind the USA’s economic lag is the fact that it has relaxed its machinery from engaging the developing countries.

Shervin Pishevar also illustrates that the only way that the US could redeem its economy is through collaboration with the developing countries since they are the main sources of industrial raw materials for the country. Otherwise, other strong economies like China and Japan will soon succeed the superpower title from the US. Shervin Pishevar also states that the other reason that has led to the stagnating of the US economy is the unfair control and monopoly that has been portrayed by the big five American multinationals; Amazon, Microsoft, Alphabet, Facebook, and Apple. These monopolies have been discouraging the new business start-ups from getting into the markets and hence hindering innovation that comes with competition.