Dick DeVos: Businessman & Philanthropist

Dick DeVos is one of the top businessman in America. He has helped bring record-breaking sales to Amway for many years, and now he is an entrepreneur helping businesses that want to make the world a better place as well as his position on the FAA’s new Management Advisory Council. The Federal Aviation Administration has recognized other areas where DeVos has been successful, including the economic boom in his hometown.


In the early 1990s, Grand Rapids was stagnant in growth. There had been businesses in downtown before, but now they were closing. There were many business leaders complaining about the lack of city planning and opportunities for economic boom. Dick DeVos had the opportunity to look at plans for a sports arena and convention center, but he saw that it would lead to the same problems as Detroit faced with the Pontiac SilverDome.


DeVos stepped in and started working with business leaders to make changes to downtown business districts.He brought in more buildings and cultural arts, such as the DeVos Performance Hall, and he built the DeVos Place Convention Center. The Andel Arena would follow. All of these new buildings were going to help in the next phase of the plan, but DeVos would need to work with the CEO of the nearby airport to succeed.


The CEO of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport had needed help as well. The airport hadn’t seen much growth in the 1990s, even after it had re-launched in 1999. The airport had been open since the early 1900s, but as DeVos began helping the airport, he saw that there were greater opportunities, such as bringing in new business travelers and destination travelers who wanted to go to more entertaining places.


He spoke to the CEO of AirTran Airways about adding new destinations. This would be the beginning of skyrocketing success for the airport. The CEO agreed to add on the new destinations, which would include Denver, Las Vegas, St. Louis, and Orlando. Not only would these destinations help bring in more travelers, in general, but DeVos also saw that he could bring in more business conference and convention travelers.


He wanted to get on the same circuit as Orlando and Vegas, which is why the convention center was so important to the plan. Over the past two decades, DeVos has helped the city grow into a rapidly bustling metropolis with an economic boom that has created tons of jobs. It’s this kind of growth that is legendary in business circles, and it’s one of the reasons why he was appointed to the FAA’s new council.


DeVos will continue to work with the FAA’s Management Advisory Council throughout 2019 and 2020.


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The Success Story of Igor Cornelsen

The Brazilian economy has come a long way. While most of the countries in the world had an easy time while recovering from the mortgage crisis, Brazil had a tough time, registering poor growth, especially in the government organizations. There are a few professionals who have helped this country to retain its economy to the usual self. One of these personalities is called Igor Cornelsen. The executive, who has worked in his own country for so many decades, has been giving his advice to the government and banking institutions that want to remain strong in all circumstances. Igor Cornelsen is hard working and always very committed to his duties even now that he has retired. His position as an advisor in the country has remained very powerful all through. The story of the Brazilian national began in the year 1947 when he was born in Curitiba.

When Igor was a young man, the demand for education in Brazil was very high. There were many executives who chose to relocate and acquire their education in other nations. For Igor Cornelsen, the country had all the tools to give him the best education in engineering, and this is why he joined the Federal University that was located in Parana. At this time, this was the only school that offered the engineering classes, and it had already raised some of the most successful personalities in the history of the country. When Cornelsen joined the prestigious school, his mission was to join other engineers in the market and continue to serving the country. This dream changed when the finance course was introduced in the university. Igor was among the students who changed their course so that he could help Brazilians with their investments. Decades later, the businessman is happy because the idea of changing his course worked perfectly.

Gareth Henry Heriot Watt

Gareth Henry Heriot-Watt helped fund an undergraduate scholarship for Heriot-Watt University, a research-led university whose alumni, Watt, had been a 2001 graduate. Watt will offer a bursary for selected students and also offered to mentor and coach or the purpose of nurturing a student’s career growth. Gareth Henry lives in New York where he works in investor relations. Actuarial Maths taught at Heriot-Watt help those who want to work in future finance careers. Heriot-Watt takes pride in producing employees with great skillsets for any company they get hired with. Specialists in engineering, business, and science are leaders in innovative world-wide education.

Heriot-Watt has campuses in the Scottish Borders, Orkney, United Arab Emirates, and Putrajaya in Malaysia. Gareth Henry has served Heriot-Watt as Managing Director, Global Head of Investor Relations, and Partner at Angelo Gordon & Co. as well as his time at Global Head of Investor Relations at Fortress Investment Group. Before this, he served as Director of Strategic Solutions at Schroder Investment Management Limited. Henry has also served as an Investment Manager at SEI Investments, later on as an Analyst at Watson Wyatt LLP. He has qualifications as a UK actuary while holding a Bachelor’s of Science Degree with honors in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics from Heriot-Watt University.

Henry has a real ability to talk to colleagues, customers, and strangers about their investments in a meaningful way that not every math student has the sensitivity to do. Henry is working on the capitalization of private real estate and credit products with regard to using his global portfolio. Gareth Henry is active in markets available in the United States, the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. The needs of his clients are something that Henry understands as Henry makes 8-10 client calls a day. The first career of Gareth Henry was as becoming Director of Strategic Solutions at a global investment firm Schroders and then was recruited in 2007 to work for Fortress Investment Group. Feedback is necessary, he feels because it is the key to understand what kinds of internal or external dynamics are operating inside a person’s mind as it is.

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Middle Eastern Entrepreneur, Billionaire, And DAMAC Owner, Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is one of the wealthiest men in all of the UAE and he has also had the biggest impact on the real estate market through his company, DAMAC Properties. Hussain has managed to build many hotels throughout the Dubai area to accommodate travelers and help tourists appreciate what the country has to offer. Before starting DAMAC Properties, Hussain was working on another enterprise in the catering industry, but he left this behind to run with the plan to become a leader in real estate. DAMAC Properties is now the largest property developer throughout Dubai and the Middle East and Hussain Sajwani have earned a fortune for his successes.

After completing his basic education in the UAE, Hussain Sajwani moved to the United States to get a college education. He studied engineering and economics at the University of Washington and when he was finished with his studies, he returned home to start working at GASCO, an Abu Dhabi subsidiary. He was hired as a contract manager and he spent a couple years diversifying the company’s portfolio. After these couple of years, Hussain was ready for his own venture and started up a catering firm known as Al Jazeira Services. This company had a slow start at first but has become a major corporation capable of serving more than a hundred thousand people per day.

Hussain Sajwani is one of the wealthiest men in the UAE with more than 2 billion dollars in net worth as of 2018. HE has various companies under his control that contribute to his wealth on top of his ownership of DAMAC Properties. This includes Nine Elms Property Limited, Mina Al Sultan Qaboos, and the Aykon Maldives Resort. Hussain Sajwani maintains major ownership in all of these corporations as a top shareholder and continues to expand on their options along with DAMAC.

In A 21 Hour Long Twitter Rant, Shervin Pishevar Predicts A Drop In Bitcoins Will Slowly Recover

Shervin Pishevar is a co-founder of Sherpa Capital, a venture capital firm. The company is located in San Francisco. The primary focus of the firm lies in its support of emerging companies. They seek out promising companies and provide funding to entrepreneurs.

The company has a good track record and, according to Shervin Pishevar, he values diversity. His staff is made up of a diverse background of people. When he selects the companies that his firm will support, he looks for those that will hopefully achieve global success. Shervin was an investor in Uber and Airbnb, among many others. Shervin launched the company in March of 2013, along with Sherpa’s other founder, Scott Stanford.

In the beginning of this year, Shervin voiced his opinions on numerous topics on Twitter. He went on a 21 hour non-stop rant. He also included some of his personal predictions on financial and other matters. Before this outpouring of tweets, Shervin Pishevar had become unusually absent on Twitter for a long period of time. It was unclear what purpose his ranting served. Based on some of his predictions, his tweets were somewhat negative in nature.

Shervin tweeted his thoughts on bitcoins, the economy of the US, bonds, immigration, and technology today. His prediction about the US economy were somewhat grim, at least for the balance of 2018. He predicted a drop in the DOW stock market by approximately 6000 points. Shervin Pishevar saw this happening in the latter part of the year. He foresees a decline in the economy of the country. His prediction on the future value of the Bitcoin is that he expects a drop to somewhere between $2,000 and $5,000. Shervin expects that the Bitcoin will rise up again to its current value. Is sweeter rant consisted of 50 messages.

In addition to Uber and Airbnb, the company’s portfolio also includes companies such as PillPack, Ipsy, and Slack.

What Is Behind the Success of Vijay Eswaran in Business?

If you want to start and run a successful business, then you should first seek advice from investment an expert such as Vijay Eswaran. Mr. Eswaran is the executive chairman of QI Group conglomerate and QNET. In this position, he is involved in hospitality, education, and direct selling. 1998 was the year when Vijay Eswaran started his entrepreneurial journey, and he has managed to build his global presence through QNET. His responsibility in the company is to merge e-commerce with direct sales.

In a recent interview with Vijay Eswaran, he claimed that embracing changing was vital in helping him achieve fantastic success. He believes that embracing change leads to improved adaptability to the environment surrounding us and our businesses. Embracing change is an incredible insight and wisdom that has led to the success of Vijay.

When he was asked about what motivates him, he stated that people who his businesses connect with motivate him. He often interacts with their customers and also listens to what they have to say about their business and how it has changed their lives. This pushes him to try harder so as to change the lives of many every day.

When he was asked to describe his leadership style, he provided that service should be above self. The company is not the one that succeeds, but the people within the company. You should look for people who are like-minded instead of implementing a business-minded approach. Your team should work hard and determined to achieve the best.

Vijay Eswaran believes that for one to succeed in life, he or she should be able to fight his or her daily battles. This is because the battles are usually against your ego. As an entrepreneur, your ego is considered as a formidable foe that one will ever face. So if you want to keep your business running, you need to fight against your ego.

Sunday Riley and “Green Technology”

A cosmetics company both chic and environmentally conscious, Sunday Riley has been making waves in the industry recently with its line of high-performance skin care products. The firm was founded in 2009 by Sunday Riley herself, who felt that the beauty industry needed cosmetics made from a mixture of botanical and science-based ingredients, or “green technology,” as she calls it.

Sunday Riley concentrates on quality over quantity, and the firm has only 13 products in its entire line. Headquartered in Houston, it currently has around 226,000 fans on Instagram.

Luna Sleeping Night Oil

This product use Retinol oil to fight wrinkles and lines in the night. It has a rich blue color and is balanced with several essential oils in order to keep skin looking its best.

Ceramic Slip Facial Cleanser

This Sunday Riley facial cleanser has recently been given an upgrade and has new packaging along with a new formula. Ingredients including French green clay work deep beneath the surface of the skin to draw out impurities. Made with plant-based soaps, it is strong enough to remove makeup easily but is gentle on the skin itself.

U.F.O Face Oil

The name of this oil comes from the fact that it is designed to abduct acne and other blemishes from your face! It absorbs quickly and leaves your skin adequately hydrated; tea tree and black cumin seed oil are among its ingredients and it works to prevent acne before it breaks out.

Auto Correct Eye Contour Cream

This cream is designed for reducing puffing and getting rid of dark circles around the eyes, and it can be stored in the refrigerator to make it even more effective. Caffeine, ginseng root, and other natural ingredients help it give skin the boost it needs at the end of the day; it contains no fragrance. Follow Sunday Riley on Facebook.

Twitter: @sundayriley

Jason Hope Sheds Some Light On The Internet Of Things And How It Will Help The World

In today’s digital world, not many people are surprised to hear about some of the advances in technology that are currently taking place. While many of the coming changes seem obvious, others are not. One of the latest shifts that is taking place now has to do with what is called the Internet of Things (IoT), and Jason Hope is right in the middle of this exciting field. The IoT has to do with the level of interconnectivity the world is currently experiencing. More specifically, it speaks to the way that everyday devices and more are being connected to the internet to improve on what they have to offer. Read more articles at engadget.com

Jason Hope is a futurist, and a lot of his work revolves around his ability to look ahead and envision coming changes. He backs up his own findings with research, and one bit of important research has indicated that by the year 2020, there will be more than 30 million items, devices, or objects included in the IoT. These will be able to be accessed remotely, and it is expected that the rise of the IoT will improve the economy and make life easier for many people. Many industries are already beginning to use IoT technology, and it is improving what they have to offer and how efficiently their companies or organizations are ran.

In order to better explain the IoT, Jason Hope decided to write a book. His book is titled “Understanding the Internet of Things Revolution: A quick guide for thriving in the IoT era,” and it is helping to clear up a lot of the confusion surrounding the subject. The book starts out by offering a completely clear explanation of exactly what the IoT is and then moves on to cover the many benefits that will come with this new technology. Jason Hope was also fair in the book and covered the few downsides of the IoT and how it will be crucial for people to protect themselves with new kinds of security. Jason Hope is an Arizona-based entrepreneur and futurist who continues to be excited about the possibilities that will be introduced by the IoT.

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Guilherme Paulus’ Secret to Success in Entrepreneurship

Guilherme Paulus is a popular figure in the Brazilian tourism industry. He has been named as one of the most influential businessmen in Brazil and is recognized not just nationally but internationally as well. Paulus holds significant positions in various companies and organizations within the tourism industry. He is for instance the founder of CVC, an operator and travel agency. He is also the chairman of the GJP Group, the company that controls the operations of GJP Construtora e Incorporadora and GJP Hotels and Resorts. He is the current chair of the board of directors at São Paulo Convention & Visitors Bureau and the deputy president of International Relations of the Brazilian Association of Travel Agencies. At one time he served as a member of the National Tourism Council. Read more at advb.com to learn  more about Guiherme Paulus

All these roles and his past engagements in organizations within the tourism sector have created a good name for him in the industry. This is what earned him the entrepreneur of the year 2017 award, an award that made him grace the cover of Isto é Dinheiro magazine. The magazine painted Guilherme Paulus as the entrepreneur who invested about R $ 600 million in hotels in the previous years and one that has created jobs for approximately 1.9 thousand employees.

Guilherme Paulus created CVC Brasil Operadora in 1972. This esteemed tour operator has undergone great transformation since then, through his leadership, to become the largest tour operator in the entire Latin America. In Brazil today, CVC has become a top retail tourism network. Even after its sale, Paulus still owns 8% of the company; after all it is his dedication and resilience that made it the successful company it is today.

An interview Guilherme Paulus did with Inspirery has opened up so much about this prominent businessman that many people do not know about. First of all, he is extremely optimistic. He does not stop to think about possibilities of his ideas failing; he is always visualizing how they would be in future. Each of his day starts with writing as schedule, as this is what he believes helps him stay organized and productive.

Check: http://revista.turismocompartilhado.com.br/2017/11/22/top-seller-2017-guilherme-paulus-fala-sobre-empreendedorismo/


Shervin Pishevar Addresses the Issues of US Economy on Twitter.

Shervin Pishevar is one of the original investors in the Uber, a very reputable transports services agency.

Recently, Shervin Pishevar went on Twitter to express his feelings about the state of the nation. However, due to his vocal nature, people have not taken his opinions expressed in the tweets seriously. What people have not understood is that Shervin Pishevar has a very bright mind and there is likely to be some useful insights into his views and opinions. He is one of the few individuals that possess the most critical mind in the current USA. One of his tweets explains how he fears that the United States could be losing its superiority to other upcoming economically powerful countries like China. In this tweet, he cites that the reason behind the USA’s economic lag is the fact that it has relaxed its machinery from engaging the developing countries.

Shervin Pishevar also illustrates that the only way that the US could redeem its economy is through collaboration with the developing countries since they are the main sources of industrial raw materials for the country. Otherwise, other strong economies like China and Japan will soon succeed the superpower title from the US. Shervin Pishevar also states that the other reason that has led to the stagnating of the US economy is the unfair control and monopoly that has been portrayed by the big five American multinationals; Amazon, Microsoft, Alphabet, Facebook, and Apple. These monopolies have been discouraging the new business start-ups from getting into the markets and hence hindering innovation that comes with competition.