Unleashing Stansberry Research Investment Publishing Company

Stansberry Research is a private American publishing company, that publishes financial information and software which is subscription based. Stansberry Research headquarters are based in Baltimore, Maryland. This company was formed in 1999 and serves millions of investors globally. It was formally known as Stansberry and Associates Investment Research. The business is guided by 2 principles which are (1) to give customers information it would wish to be given if in the customer’s position and (2) to publish advices from analysts that they would want their families and friends to follow (Twitter).

The company founder, Frank Porter Stansberry, on top of his editorial roles, writes opinion scripts in various financial based publications. He discusses controversial and vast issues varying from European Financial panic to auto bail out just to name a few. In 2011, Stansberry produced an infomercial named “The End of America” and he founded a 2012 piece named ‘The Project to Restore America” that was aimed at restructuring American Governance.

Stansberry Research specializes in research for investment and has a product line of information services. It publishes once and twice advisory newsletters which are written by various financial editors. The newsletters touch on different topics like power, mining companies, natural resource, oil, biotechnology and healthcare. In additions to these corporate bond, at Stansberry Research, alternative investing and value are not left out. According to the company, over 100 countries have subscribed to the newsletter.

Stansberry offers a variety of opinions by publishing a mosaic recommendations, strategies and opinions, without promoting a single view of the market. The Company doesn’t earn from the marketing of trial subscriptions because their main aim is to create long-lasting relationships with their customers. They try to achieve this by publishing actionable, profitable and consistently reliable advice which leads to renewal that means income for their business.

Also Stanberry seeks to sell lifetime subscriptions to their clients as a package of one or all their products at a relatively lower price. For accountability and transparency, Stansberry Research exercises reliable and routine performance measures. Annually, they evaluate publicly all their investment recommendations including monthly issue track records.

Hussain Sajwani: Spotlighted for Success

Hussain Sajwani founded DAMAC Properties, a forward-thinking developer specializing in residential, resort, and commercial properties. Although the sharp businessman is now worth over $4 billion, he started from humble beginnings. He helped out in his father’s watch and pen business as a young child in the Middle East. Hussain Sajwani decided to attend college, studying medicine-then discontinued. Later, he made a bold move by investing in a Dubai residential property. The young entrepreneur achieved unit sales before the building went to construction. This is when the DAMAC Properties came into existence. He has been in business as of 2002-since then, his portfolio has ballooned with luxury hotels, resorts, and other commercial projects across the Middle East. The visionary has enhanced the Middle Eastern skyline with masterful architecture. Hussain Sajwani applies a powerful notion of sophistication and sensibility to each installation. He marries together elegant accommodations, first line amenities, and emerging technology-with location, location, location. These signature components are always certain to produce successful property developments.

Hussain Sajwani has partnered with real estate heavyweight Donald Trump in 2013 on superior golf resort, The Trump International Golf Course Dubai. The 18-hole leisure community was named ‘Best Golf Development’ in the world by the International Property Awards in London. Mr. Sajwani has undergone other golf and leisure developments that are in various stages of construction. The DAMAC Properties has made major strides by being listed on the London Stock Exchange market as of 2013-becoming the first development company in the Middle East to make such an achievement. Mr. Sajwani also established catering services under DAMAC Holding. The properties have been deemed as the largest Middle Eastern hospitality business in existence today. Hussain Sajwani generously supports multiple charities. He focuses on giving back to today’s youth in various ways such as contributing to clothing drives as well as supporting initiatives for higher learning. The accomplished billionaire believes that with dedication and hard work, everyone can achieve the goals that they have set out to achieve.

Jeremy Goldstein Is A Top Compensation Attorney

In an article that was published in the Madison County Courier, an overview was given for people who are looking for a lawyer to handle a variety of legal issues including Landlord-tenant issues, child custody, and criminal cases. The articles outline a new method in which residents of New York can find proper legal council. The Lawyer Referral and Information Service online information portal was launched by the New York Bar Association in order to help resident find the right lawyer 24 hours a day. There is also a telephone service available for individuals that prefer to use that method. The service helps match people with the right legal services to help alleviate some of the stress of their situation. This tool also helps lawyer offer scaled low-cost services to people that need it. It is a way for New York lawyers to assist clients all over the world. Anyone interested in using the service can submit a questionnaire, which is then reviewed by the staff and match it to an attorney that fits the criteria. One such attorney listed in the database is Jeremy Goldstein.


Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer at the firm of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. His firm specializes in dealing with compensation committees and compensation management teams. They are there to help with all types of corporate governance issues and in the form of major events and situations that require sensitivity. Jeremy Goldstein is a prolific attorney with a vast amount of experience handling some of the most memorable transactions in recent corporate history. Jeremy Goldstein is also the Chairman of the Amercian Bar Association’s Business Section. He handles the Mergers & Acquisition subcommittee and is considered a top attorney in his field. He was mentioned in the Chambers USA Guide to American’s Leading Lawyers for Business and The Legal 500.


Jeremy Goldstein is a part of the advisory board for the NYU Journal of Law and Business. He also has professional relationships with a variety of other non-profit organization such as the Make A Wish Foundation. He is a member of their New Leadership Council. He is one of the top lawyers in the country and also has a broad range of professional skills and aptitudes.


To learn more, visit http://officialjeremygoldstein.com/.

Brown Modeling Agency Continues To Grow Under Founder Justin Brown’s Expertise

Justin Brown is not your run of the mill talent agent. His own experience began in front of the cameras, not behind them. After being discovered he worked with brands like “Lucky Jeans”, doing what he “fit modeling. This is a form of modeling based around the unique fit of clothes made to form to the model’s body.

While he made a name for himself in this capacity, it was what happened on the management side that really excited him. After leaving business school he decided to venture out on his own, founding the Brown Agency.

Based in Texas, Brown manages more than 450 models, actors and entertainers. Every week they hunt for new talent at their open calls, held Thursdays from 3 PM to 4 PM at their Austin Texas office (100 Congress Avenue, Suite 100). During those calls would-be models and other talent can show off their resumes and photos, getting the head start they need in the cutthroat business from which Brown came.

Unlike many agencies you don’t have to be experienced to be signed. New talent is more than welcome to attend the open calls, or set up an appointment to be seen by the Brown management team. If signed head shots can be arranged, done by professional photographers hired by the agency. They have led many new models through the process of getting started.

There are no pie-in-the-sky promises made by Brown or any of his team. The agency deals in realistic expectations: they provide a service. The model pays a fee for their help, but the experience and connections held by Brown Modeling make it well worth the cost.

The alternative is contracts signed with agencies that make big claims but rarely deliver. There is no investment and often new models or actors will go in with bright dreams, only to leave crushed by the reality of the competitive nature of the business. Since many of the states that these firms exist in have no workforce regulations it can be a dangerous place for newcomers who don’t know the ropes.

Austin provides an interesting balance between big city service and small city transparency. The state of Texas has strict rules about how such agencies must operate, and Brown Modeling follows them to the letter. This provides a certain level of security for that new blood entering into the spotlight for the first time.

Visit blog.brownagency.co


Arthur Becker, a Technological Expert, and Real Estate Investor

Arthur Becker has a long history in the investment field dating back from his time in the university. He developed an interest in the investment world and had contributed to the development of many companies that have hit the global limelight in the recent years. He holds a degree of Bachelor of Arts from Bennington College in Vermont. This has been his stepping stone towards a successful career, and in 1988, he started working in the private client services division of Bear Stearns, Inc. He worked at the company while performing exemplary well and he later received a managerial offer from other enterprises including ProGroup, Inc. Becker then replaced members of the board of governor of the company and became the Chairman of the Board of Directors. This was a tasking position that required a well-experienced person with a huge interest in the management portfolio.

In 1994, Arthur Becker founded Bnox, Inc. This is a technological development company that focuses on the manufacture of camera equipment. The company gave him another leaf in life where he spearheaded the production of the state-of-the-art equipment that made the company be among the best manufacturing companies. His urge on the development and financial management led to the establishment of Advance Partners, LLC. This was a financial advisory company that gave training and guided investors on proper investment. The company specialized in financial valuation, opinion, and business development. As such, the firm helped Cendant Corporation to purchase National Car Park in the UK making it one of its major accomplishments.

Arthur Becker’s interest in the investment world led to the establishment of Atlantic Investors. The company has interests in both United States of America and the United Kingdom. Through expanded business model, the company acquired three data firms in the US in 2001 that were responsible for offering internet services. Due to increased ability to invest, Arthur Becker moved and started investing in the real estate industry. He began investing in property development with Madison Partners, LLC. This is one of the leading investment firms in the United States of America with interest spread across the world. Arthur Becker is a member of many boards of companies where he has contributed to their financial development and policy formulation.

See more: https://therealdeal.com/2016/08/30/tech-mogul-arthur-becker-gets-trio-of-townhouses-for-stake-in-soho-project/

Lori Senecal – World CEO at Crispin Porter & Bogusky Advertising Agency

Lori Senecal is the current CP+B Global CEO whereby she supervises the office’s development and extension, and manages the coordination of the affiliation’s nine global working facility while focusing on the association’s continued improvement around the world. In a report by PR News, after reuniting with the facility in 2015, Lori has greatly affected both the way of life and business of CP+B, making a present day overall association that is society oriented, lithe and technological providing consistency all over the world with strong market flair locally. Lori’s solid fixation on ability and initiative has filled the association’s change and advancement crosswise over topographies and disciplines. That incorporates her current initiating on CP+B acknowledgment Advertising Age between the Year Creativity Innovators which stated Lori as one of the officials to watch a year ago.

Prior to her present part, Lori acted as President & CEO of the MDC Partner Network reveals salary.com, where she was responsible for leading the vital vision, building up MDC’s stand-out model and working with the MDC organization offices in powering growth and cross-facilitated exertion all through the framework. Before reuniting with MDC Partners, Lori operated as the CEO & Chairman of kbs+. Under her drive, kbs+ grew from a 250-man local organization to over 900 people universally. That made kbs+ to be recognized by Crain as a standout amongst the best to work within NYC besides appearing on the “Champion Agencies” Advertising Age’s rundown for three continuous years.

Through the traverse of her job, Lori has established essential afflictions, stimulated overall association improvement, made cutting edge new business divisions and drove different blue chip, general records including Nestle, Coca-Cola, and BMW. In her obligation as the CEO of MDC Partners, Lori has operated personally with the leadership of associations that portray the best development and the vital influence with the MDC Partners family. Lori is being recognized for her good reputation of handling organizations during difficult times, when the associations needed a globalization framework. It is additionally a path for headway from technological darlings featured skeptical originators into powerful and future-facing associations. In like manner, Lori is also involved highly in promoting women.

For example, in the last few months at Crispin, Lori Senecal chose four “creative” females with the aim of establishing a group of female publicizing authorities. The goal is to get methods for supporting their vocation for picked people. Lori was raised in an aggressive domain and before later pursuing her University degree at Montreal’s McGill University. She later after some point took interest in marketing and to this day, that has shaped her life.

Reference: http://www.forbes.com/sites/marketshare/people/lorisenecal/#1145d45c742c