Sussex Healthcare, The Number One Healthcare Provider

Sussex Healthcare is the number one health facility in England which provides home care services to older persons as well as treating patients with neurological diseases like dementia, Alzheimer’s syndrome, stress, depression and many other mental illnesses. The clinic also offers health assistance to patients people living with physical disabilities and learning disabilities. Sussex healthcare was launched in 1998 by two principal founders Shafik Sachedina and his ally Shiraz Boghani.

Shafik Sachedina is a medical doctor specialized in dental surgery and has been working for many years in the UK. On the other hand, Shiraz Boghani is a top business person who owns and manages big hotels and restaurants in England. The two founded Sussex and made it headquartered at Horsham, a city within Sussex region. Besides the main office at Horsham, Sussex Healthcare has other twenty homes which are distributed within rhea Sussex region.

The Chief Executive Officer of the number one home care provider is Ms. Morgan Taylor. She works hard to ensure that the caring home maintains its reputation by offering quality services. MS Taylor is an experienced professional in the field of social work and the health sector. She has served in the two industries for more than 25 years working with social agencies and local authorities. With her experience, she can scale the hospital to greater heights.

Sussex Centre is accredited by Health Quality Services (HQS), and it is the only home care provider company which has attained the ISO Standard of 9000:2000 in the United Kingdom. The has qualified, and skilled staff who are devoted to helping the older persons and other patients boost their physical and psychological health. The hospital uses a treatment approach which is non-invasive to the patient and drug-free. It mainly uses social activism and physical activities which also involves the community hence making the patients feel embraced and appreciated by the society.

Last Year Sussex Healthcare was celebrating two decades of successful existence and helping the society since it was established. It has changed the lives of many and regained happiness in many families across the Sussex region.

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New Residential Investment: Don’t Panic And Buy The Drop

New Residential Investment Corp was founded back in the year 2011. Mr. Michael Nierenberg is the President and the Chief Executive Officer of the company. This company is a real estate investment trust based in New York, United States.

The shares owned by the company New Residential Investment Corp have declined and faced a downfall from past few days. The company didn’t present their views, that’s why they are facing relative downfall. The shares of the company have been oversold widely. They have made an offer to the investors for entry into the goods or stock. The cumshaw is almost covered and is likely to sustain as it is. At an average, the investment in the New Residential Investment Corp yields almost 12.8%.

The shares of the company faced a downfall. There seems no apparent reason for the sudden decline of the shares. There seems no justification by the company on this matter. Although the company faced a little downfall, the company still holds an excellent position in gobble opportunity and kick it again.

This minor drop which is not for a longer period but happened is observed in a few days. There is no announcement made by the officials of the company about mortgage REIT. The last statement they said regarding mortgage REIT was in November. They stated in their last announcement that they are selling their shares which are 25,000,000 which would gain them $433 million for the new investments in future.

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Serge Belamant Has Done Some Great Things For Technology

In 1989, Serge Belamant created blockchain technology. It took a lot of work to develop this, and he has a patent for the technology that he created. Blockchain is described as being a list of records that have all been linked together by something known as cryptography. Serge Belamant worked hard to make blockchain technology, and he was able to create it only because of how smart he is. From an early age, he had to learn a lot, as he moved from France to South Africa as a teenager and had to learn a new language.

Serge Belamant’s parents pushed him to be all that he could be, and he learned to write in English as a teenager. He was a bright boy in school and was known for being outgoing and for his athletics, in addition to how well he did in his studies. Serge Belamant was an expert at chess and many other activities during his time in high school, and he decided to further his education from there. He chose to study engineering and started with that but later decided that he would rather put a focus on computer science and mathematics. And, although he never graduated with the degree that he was after, he made the smart choice, as he was able to use what he learned in school to help him create blockchain technology.

Serge Belamant has gone on to become the founder of a few technology companies. His locations today are in South Africa and London, and he deals with personal finance in addition to technology. He is known for all of the great work that he has done with technology, and he is a well-respected man in that industry. And, Serge Belamant is continuing to work in technology industry still today.

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