Sunday Riley Wants Customers to Experience Beauty

Sunday Riley wants you to live to a ripe old age, but to not look it. The cosmetic and beauty entrepreneur, who launched her namesake company in 2009, wants customers to experience the scent, the feeling, and the beauty of products that not only work, but also use nature-based ingredients.

Sunday Riley’s streak of perfectionism leads to turnover in several products, not because they don’t work, but because she seeks better and better ingredients, for better and better outcomes, that result in new products taking the place of older ones. Since the company’s inception, only one original product remains today. In fact, in 2011 she discontinued the company’s makeup line so that Sunday Riley could stick with focusing on making a high quality skincare product.

Good Genes, one the skincare brand’s most popular lines, use acids that don’t irritate the skin but show quick results. Sunday Riley the person uses Good Genes multiple times each week. She also uses many other of the brand’s products. And she doesn’t limit its use to facial skin; she uses Juno on her hair and fingernails. The versatility of her products has Sunday Riley considering the possibility of entering into the hair care market in the future.

Foundation, though, has made a comeback at Sunday Riley. They have focused heavily on creating a line with shades that represent the diversity of today’s user. There are over 20 shades that appeal to clientele with a range of skin colors and needs. The foundation is sheer and has what Sunday calls a “real skin finish.” The coverage is buildable and has been tested by a large number of users.

Sunday Riley’s biggest recommendation for good skin is to wash your face. Using high quality products is futile without a clean slate to work upon.

It’s clear that Sunday gives her soul to her business and dedicates extensive hours and energy to creating high quality products that will benefit the wide variety of consumers of the Sunday Riley product line.