Rocketship Education Opens Up New Campus Location in Antioch

Rocketship Education has acquired a building to add to its chain of campuses. The charter school network recently bought the former East Bay Times newspaper building and will use it as a new two story school location. With the acquisition of this property, Rocketship Education will now have yet another location to provide to local Bar Area elementary school students. Rocketship Education spent over $2 million to acquire this building and is thrilled to add yet another location for the institution. Despite the new expansion, parents and community leaders have expressed concern about the new location. They believe that it may be dangerous to students since it is in a crime ridden neighborhood. However, school officials have stated that there will be plenty of security to ensure the safety of the students.

The Rocketship school network specializes in providing a quality education to students who are attending elementary school. Students in kindergarten and in grades 1 through 5 are provided instruction from teachers so that they can have the opportunity to complete this important education level. Rocketship Education also serves as an alternative to both public school and private school. It serves families and students who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. These include poor neighborhoods and other underperforming schools. Over the last decade, the charter school network has proven to be among the top educational institutions due to academic achievement and parental approval.

Rocketship Education was founded by a couple of individuals in San Jose, California. It was intended to be an educational institution that was part of the charter school sector. A charter school such as this is intended to provide students with a more affordable source of education. In 2006, Rocketship Education was founded and a year later in 2007, the charter school opened up its first location. During its existence, the system has opened up a total of 16 locations with 13 of these locations in the San Francisco Bay Area. It has also expanded to Washington D.C. as well. Rocketship Education has over 1,000 employees that include teachers, educational administrators and managers. The charter school network plans to expand in the future so that it can continue providing students with a high quality educational option.

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