A Review on NewsWatch TV

NewsWatch is a US television show that prioritizes on keeping its audiences up to date with technology, consumer info, and entertainment. Created in 1990, NetWatch highlighted consumer news, interviews made with celebrities, reviews made for both apps and electronic devices, news related to medical and government topics, and multiple PSAs. The television program also has content that includes on-location satellite media tour interviews, news videos, and campaign videos sent out by other service providers. Bridge Communications, one of the more well-known video productions companies, based the program in Washington, DC, Fairfax, VA, Denver, CO, and New York City since the 1990s.

Starting at 7 am on Mondays, NewsWatch airs on both the AMC Network and every channel that is part of the Ion Television company; the program also tends to air on local stations. It began its life as a monthly service program when it focused on financial issues; later in the 1990s, NewWatch grew its content to not only add more variety for its viewers but to also compete with similar news programming across the nation, leading to its current TV news magazine scope thanks to the interests that it includes to appeal to the public. Currently, NewsWatch prioritizes on content made for consumer and entertainment while also including some paid advertisements provided by different companies (as long as they match the same approval of the standards team working for NewsWatch)

Starting in 2010 and still becoming a practice done today, NewsWatch invited multiple celebrities for their interviews, from actors such as Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lawrence, and Woody Harrelson to athletes like Phil Mickelson, Joe Montana, and Jeff Burton. Those that are interested in seeing celebrities like them as well as view NewsWatch’s tech and news content can go on their new formats, such as Tech Report and AppWatch