Entrepreneur, Malcolm Casselle, Uses Bitcoin Science And Security To Create A Better Exchange Venue For World-Wide Gamers 

An MIT and Stanford University graduate, Malcolm Casselle is the CIO of OpSkins, an online market designed for gamers, where they can buy and sell digital items with actual money. Caselle is also the CTO and the President of New Ventures at Tronc, a media and marketing-solutions company.

A digital industry maven from way back, Malcolm Casselle has been in the forefront of numerous start-ups, including MediaPass and Xfire. He has also served as CEO of both enterprises. He’s served as CTO for the Afrocentric NetNoir. Other investment opportunities that Casselle seized onto at the dawn of their inception include Facebook and Zynga. Malcolm Casselle is also the president of WAX, otherwise known as the World-wide Asset eXchange. A gaming-specific platform, WAX is testament to both the popularity and the immense size of the gaming market.

Though an adjunct to the bigger gaming industry, the online buying and selling of weapon skins, which are digital assets used by gamers, is itself a big market. Historically, it’s been a market controlled by centralized exchange platforms, which are frequently victimized by cyber-opportunists, besides proving rife with attached user-fees.

Malcolm Casselle believes WAX, which is a decentralized and therefore world-wide option for gaming enthusiasts, can mitigate many of the heretofore prevalent bugs infecting other sites. The WAX endgame is to bring together the legions, 400 million probable, gaming aficionados currently corralled into small gaming exchange pens and set them loose in a much bigger online exchange community.

By using blockchain security and technology the plan is to make the site inaccessible to thievery. Gamers can use WAX tokens, which makes possible the exchange of virtual goods for cryptocurrency. Casselle was a big believer in bitcoin before the establishment of WAX. In fact, Opskins, where Malcolm Casselle acts as Chief Information Officer, is the largest site online to use bitcoin.

Find out more about Malcolm CasSelle: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=184053609&privcapId=154118782

3 Possible Reason for A Stock Market Crash By Ted Bauman

In a recent article, Ted Bauman investigates three possible scenarios that could lead to a stock market crash. Ted argues that although the current bull market may continue, the odds are likely to plummet. Ted, who studied in South Africa and moved to the United States, is likely to be right because of the valuable, proven success and his focus on low-cost housing projects. Ted Bauman has a good track record of helping over 14 million people in several countries.

Ted states that three possible scenarios will cause the stock market to crash: –

1. Return to Average Ration

Ted often states that the market in the United States is overhauled. He uses the CAPE ratio, which compared corporate earnings to the prices of the stock to point out that most companies have a higher CAPE ratio. But Ted Bauman argues that the market will return to standard ration after a year or so, and this could have some effects to the stock market.

The first effect as Ted Bauman describes it is that investors might fear that they will not get their dividends and thus pull out. Alternatively, Ted says that the asset might be more appealing and therefore attract more investors.

2. Yield Curve

The second scenario that Ted Bauman describes is that of investors recognising the yield curve and thus invest in short-term interest rates. Ted argues that if a significant shift is to happen, then there would be an impeachment following several proceedings, which would, in turn, hurt the economy over the next several years.

3. Crash and Bounce Scenario

Lastly, Ted explains the crash and bounce scenario. A typical situation for that is expected to happen in a market where nothing is going wrong. An excellent example that Ted gives is a similar incident that took place in 1987 when there was the most significant one-day percentage drop for Dow Jones Industrial.

The Work and Life of Ted

Ted is a financial analyst and editor for several publications that have thousands of subscribers per month. Due to his unique educational background in South Africa, Ted manages to provide extensive knowledge to his readers through Banyan Hill Publishing and The Bauman Report.

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Sujit Choudhry Advises On How to End the Crises in Catalan

Several top constitutional law scholars, including Sujit Choudhry, wrote an open letter to Spanish and Catalan governments regarding the crisis in Catalonia, which has made it difficult for the concerned sides to participate in a dialogue. Sujit, his friends, and people from all corners of the world hope that the two governments will come together and talk about the constitutional issues at hand.

The letter demands the Puigdemont, the president of Catalan, to call for a referendum to give Catalonians a chance to say what they think about secession demands. The letter also demands the Prime Minister of Spain to give Catalonians what they want peacefully, more info on (Crunchbase.com). The letter makes it crystal clear that Catalonians have rights just like other people and it’s important for the two governments to accept their ambitions.


The arrest of Puigdemont

The constitutional crises became worse in 2018 immediately after the arrest of Mr Puigdemont. The arrest was done in Germany because the Spanish Government thought that the Germany Government would extradite him to Spain to answer questions regarding the charges of corruption, rebellion, and sedition brought on by the Spanish Government, useful source on patch.com.

However, the courts in Germany ruled out the case stating that the definition of word rebellion under German law is different from the definition under the Spanish law. Mr Puigdemont was then released and taken back to Belgium. This was another huge defeat for the Government of Spain, view (Youtube.com).


More about Sujit Choudhry

Besides being a professor of law at the famous University of California, Berkeley, Sujit Choudhry holds an important position at the Centre for Constitutional Transitions. Sujit Choudhry is known from different corners of the world due to his extensive understanding of politics as well as comparative constitutional law. He has been the advisor to experts working on constitutions of countries such as South Africa, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Tunisia, Napal, Egypt, Libya, Ukraine, and Yemen. He wrote the open letter to Spain and Catalan with the help of three law experts: Robert Howse, Zoran Oklopcic, and Asanga Welikala.

The main aim of the Center for Constitutional Transitions is to get the knowledge to use when constructing constitutions. Experts from all walks of life take part in research studies for quality results. Entities that take part in these studies are NGOs, multilateral organisations, think tanks, and Universities, click www.facebook.com/SujitChoudhryLaw.


The Achievement Of Robert Ivy

All of us want to belong to an organization that can help to support our career in fulfilling our goals in life. Today, we have many organizations that are coming up. Therefore, one should do thorough research by talking to the experienced individuals to help you to make the right choice for a better future.

Robert Ivy runs the American Institute of Architects as the chief executive officer and executive vice president. The man focus of the group is to work on the customers’ networking to improve their job opportunities. Ivy noted that the number of architects is small as compared to other professionals. However, through the association, we intend to make a meaningful voice in airing our concern.

Early this year, Robert Ivy got awarded by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters with the Noel Pork Lifetime Achievement Award. As the first artist originating from Mississippi, Ivy represents the entire AIA family for their hard work. Ivy educates the public about the values of architecture. AIA focus on bringing to live secure, valuable, and sustainable community and neighborhood by utilizing its 2000 local and international chapters. The institution focuses on ensuring the support of public policies, support economic development, and ensures public safety. The group utilizes its resources, money, and time to better the business lives of its members. AIA utilizes the power of the public to engage the political leaders in solving the oppressing matters and find solutions to the problems facing institutions and the whole nation.

You gain credibility when you become a member of a particular organization. Your membership shows the willingness and commitment to your career by searching for updates and the development trend. The organization expects all members to follow the codes of conducts and practices. Failure to follow the practices, you fall victim for your actions. Before joining the AIA in 2011, Robert Ivy worked as Editor-in-Chief of McGraw Hills’ Architectural Record. The journal became famous worldwide. Ivy deserves to represent the AIA as an ambassador in all its missions. Also, Robert Ivy gave thanks to the AIA family and leaders for their support in achieving such a unique award. Also, Ivy wrote a biography.

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How Did Flavio Maluf Become a Successful Entrepreneur?

In Brazil, Flavio Maluf is considered as one of the most successful entrepreneurs. Although being born in a wealthy family, his family wealth did not have a negative impact on his hard work. He has a degree in Business Administration from New York University. He also has a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of FAAP. Since completing his studies, he has been the Eucatex Group’s CEO, a family business.

Through Flavio Maluf’s efforts, Eucatex Group has managed to offer environmentally friendly and innovative products. The company is known for producing eucalyptus panels and sheets in Brazil. The company is also known for being the best building company in Brazil, and it exports its products to up to 40 countries in the world. The company built the stadium in Brazil where the 2014 World Cup was played. Consequently, he is the best advisor when it comes to economic matters. Learn more about Flavio Maluf at InfoMoney

Flavio Maluf’s advice to entrepreneurs is that they should always understand the market trends to help them succeed in their industries. He believes in giving back to the community, and this is evidenced through his philanthropic activities. He believes in all people obtaining quality care. He, therefore, donates to and assists charities to achieve quality care. His Philanthropic nature is admired by many in Brazil and around the world.

Brazil is well known for its high taxation rates that is affecting many businesses, thus reducing their chances to succeed. According to Flavio Maluf, there are many ways through which companies can reduce their tax burden such as tax incentives. Mr. Maluf claims that instead of all companies letting all tax money go to the government some can be retained through tax incentives in order to be used for various projects that can benefit the society.

In relation to agriculture, Flavio Maluf discovered that there is a lot of food waste in Brazil. To tackle food waste, he believes that advanced technologies will help increase productivity and prevent foods from rotting. In addition, he believes in educating the public concerning how they can reduce food waste.

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