Sunday Riley and “Green Technology”

A cosmetics company both chic and environmentally conscious, Sunday Riley has been making waves in the industry recently with its line of high-performance skin care products. The firm was founded in 2009 by Sunday Riley herself, who felt that the beauty industry needed cosmetics made from a mixture of botanical and science-based ingredients, or “green technology,” as she calls it.

Sunday Riley concentrates on quality over quantity, and the firm has only 13 products in its entire line. Headquartered in Houston, it currently has around 226,000 fans on Instagram.

Luna Sleeping Night Oil

This product use Retinol oil to fight wrinkles and lines in the night. It has a rich blue color and is balanced with several essential oils in order to keep skin looking its best.

Ceramic Slip Facial Cleanser

This Sunday Riley facial cleanser has recently been given an upgrade and has new packaging along with a new formula. Ingredients including French green clay work deep beneath the surface of the skin to draw out impurities. Made with plant-based soaps, it is strong enough to remove makeup easily but is gentle on the skin itself.

U.F.O Face Oil

The name of this oil comes from the fact that it is designed to abduct acne and other blemishes from your face! It absorbs quickly and leaves your skin adequately hydrated; tea tree and black cumin seed oil are among its ingredients and it works to prevent acne before it breaks out.

Auto Correct Eye Contour Cream

This cream is designed for reducing puffing and getting rid of dark circles around the eyes, and it can be stored in the refrigerator to make it even more effective. Caffeine, ginseng root, and other natural ingredients help it give skin the boost it needs at the end of the day; it contains no fragrance. Follow Sunday Riley on Facebook.

Twitter: @sundayriley

Upwork Helps its Users with Personal Advice

The life of a freelance writer is hard and tedious, but extremely rewarding once an individual balances their life. The service Upwork is one of the oldest on the internet. They allow for clients to post jobs, and for users bid against each other for a chance to accept the task. The company has undergone numerous management changes to reach the state they are today. In a recent blog post, they offer a series of tips of users who need a little help.

A to-do list is the backbone of any Freelancer’s life. Sitting alone in one’s house can present its own challenges. Thus, having a list can keep an individual on task. This blog offers a series of tips to make a to-do more functional. The critical first step is simply listing everything. Having each task listed in one place makes the list a reference point for the day. A good list planner prepares the night before, and hits following day on the right note. It helps for an individual to have a good gauge of how much time and energy a task will take. A good freelancer is someone who can accomplish tasks without over working themselves.

There are several additional tips a freelancer can use to make sure they manage their time correctly. It helps to have a set of priorities for when tasks need to be done before others. At the same time, constantly re-evaluating your list and alternating tasks is completely normal. Sometimes a task can broken into parts, or even combined. Taking the time to reanalyze ensures the list remains up to date at all times.

The to-do list is only as good as the individual who makes it. The list should be the guideline for has to be accomplished on any given day, and a path to the upcoming schedule. It should never feel overwhelming, but rather something to ease your need that nothing will be forgotten. A freelancer is in charge of their own schedule at the end of the day.

Dr. Saad Saad’s Advice

For over 40 years, Dr. Saad Saad has been helping more than 1,000 children breathe again, literally.

He is a highly skilled and trained pediatric surgeon who removes objects from the esophagus and trachea that if blocked could cause in extreme cases death to some of the patients.

Dr. Saad Saad has plenty of experience and knows that children are curious creatures especially at a young age.

Many will put things in their mouth and swallow. He knows that majority of the time, the object will pass through the pipes and into the stomach. But as he can attest, some objects get stuck and can even go down the windpipe resulting in wheezing, breathing troubles and swallowing difficulties.

Some of the more common types of things that get swallowed are peanuts, hot dogs and coins. The larger objects such as hot dogs and coins usually get caught in the food pipe. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad:

The smaller objects like peanuts tend to get lodged in the windpipe. If a child is 6 or younger, you can hold them by their legs, turn them upside down and pat them on the back which can maneuver the object out of the pipe it was jammed in.

Older children will need the Heimlich maneuver performed on them. Wrap your arms around their middle, while behind them and thrust hands into the stomach directly below their rib cage.

Majority of the time, the child will cough up the hindering piece. If any of these helpful tidbits do not work, they will need to seek emergency medical care.

The two most dangerous items Dr. Saad Saad that get stuck are batteries and peanuts. Batteries come in all shapes and sizes, and the small ones are very easy to swallow.

Batteries also contain acid which can leak inside a child causing burns and other injuries. Peanuts are just hard to extract since they can break into smaller pieces which can enter in the lungs causing more problems.

Dr. Saad Saad has extensive expertise and suggestions after dealing with so many blocked and obstructed pipes in his career as a pediatric surgeon. Read more: When a Child Swallows a Foreign Object – Advice by Dr. Saad Saad and Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

Never try and scoop an object out with your fingers, since this can cause the object to lodge deeper into the child’s body. He also says to wait to give hot dogs and peanuts until the children are older and can chew the food better.

During any playtime with the child, keep an eye on them and block them from putting random and external things in their mouths to prevent them from swallowing. He knows that keeping track and tabs on a child is difficult, but the benefit is to avoid coming to see him!

Hyland’s Effective Oral Pain Relief Tablets

Hyland’s Inc is a homeopathic division that was founded in 1903 to produce health and wellness products. The company uses high-quality natural ingredients to come up with health remedies that help increase the health and wellness of the overall family. Hyland’s has very many decades of excellent reputation that has been earned through the provision of safe and gentle health products. This has made Hyland’s as a top rated Homeopathic company in the whole of North America. Their products are said to treat many issues ranging from relieving teething pain, nausea, allergies, digestion and sleep problems as well as many other complications.


One of the most tiresome and frustrating stages in a baby’s growth is when they are teething. It is a taxing time for both baby and mother as the little one is likely to be irritable, in a lot of discomforts and have swollen and sore gums. Hyland’s oral pain tablets are small and soft ad they easily dissolve I the baby’s mouth which means that you will be able to get on with your day quickly and keep your baby happy. The pain relieving tablets from Hyland’s will help reduce symptoms such as oral discomfort and oral pain which include sensitivity and soreness safely and reliably.


Hyland’s is an FDA Regulated firm that follows all the rules, regulations and the requirement are given for homeopathic companies. Hyland’s has been able to come up with natural remedies that are made using natural resources that include no dyes, additives, paraben or any artificial flavors. They have been able to stand in the gap as an innovative company that always brings about new solutions that aim at taking care of the health needs of the modern world. Mothers from all over the world can now rest easy knowing that they have the best pain relieving tablets when that annoying teething stage hits in.