Marc Beer Raised Millions In Funding For Renovia Inc

Researchers all over the world are constantly working on new ways to help people deal with their disorders, including millions of women that still deal with urinary incontinence and pelvic floor disorders. Leva is a drug that was recently developed and approved by the FDA to help women treat their pelvic floor disorder and relieve symptoms. Renovia Inc., a company started up by Marc Beer, is responsible for the development of this new drug and it will go on to help millions of women around the world treat their disorder.


Today, Renovia Inc. is quickly becoming a leading contender on the market for research and technological development to fight a wide range of disorders and illness for people around the globe. During the startup phase of Renovia, Marc Beer received 42 million dollars in funding from several different sources, including the Longwood Fund and even other healthcare organizations.


Marc specifically started up Renovia to help people around the world, especially after having difficulty releasing a drug to help fight high cholesterol and running into many obstacles. In the past, the FDA questioned Marc Beer’s intentions with the drug he developed to help others, so he started up a company dedicated to research and developing treatments. Leva, the latest product developed by Renovia Inc., has already been approved by the FDA. Over time, more women will be able to use Leva to treat their disease and ease any discomfort that they are experiencing as a side effect.


Before starting up Renovia Inc, Marc Beer worked for another pharmaceutical company and has been working in the industry for more than 20 years in total. Renovia Inc. is based out in Boston and it has continued to grow steadily and receive a high level of support all across the board. All of the money that has been donated to Renovia will go exclusively to the research and development of new treatments to help people all over the world. Learn more: