Doe Deere – Self-Made Beauty

Doe Deere is the Russian-born beauty who founded Lime Crime Cosmetics, a certified cruelty-free and vegan makeup company known for its glittery, brightly colored eye shadow palettes, nail polishes, and liquid eyeliners.


The stunning Deere grew up in New York City and even as a child, had a love for all things bright and whimsical. When she was older, Deere studied fashion design and illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Although she enjoyed her studies there, she felt stifled and decided to drop out to start her own clothing line so she could do things her own way and express herself creatively. This is when she came up with the catchy brand name “Lime Crime”.


Deere opened an online store in 2004 and was able to maintain a steady stream of sales. She credits her time spent working on the clothing line with helping her to learn about fashion trends and marketing.


While working on the clothing line, Deere also began working more with cosmetics and creating her own makeup, because she couldn’t find makeup that went along with the clothing she created. This is where she found her true passion, especially when people began responding so positively to the makeup she created.


Deere then created a blog with makeup tutorials which catapulted her to the next level by allowing her to reach a much broader audience and exposing more people to her personality and her brand. In 2008, Deere launched the Lime Crime cosmetics brand and it is currently available online and in retail stores in the United States and internationally.


Lime Crime is now famous for its bright colors, fun packaging, and innovative approach to the cosmetics world. An important facet to note about Deere’s Lime Crime is it was one of the first brands back in 2008 to focus so strongly on e-commerce, which was a risky move back then. Deere felt confident it was the right move, and clearly, it was.


What’s fascinating about Deere is she isn’t just a girl who loves playing with makeup. She’s a business savvy female entrepreneur who started from the bottom and made a name for herself all on her own. Deere frequently speaks on the topic of female entrepreneurship and women-owned businesses and loves to mentor other up and coming “boss babes”, because she knows what it takes to succeed.


The self-proclaimed “Unicorn Queen” paved her own way and creates her own trends so she can continue to give her fans, whom she calls “unicorns”, more of what they love.


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