Securus Technologies Is Helping Solve Street Crimes Through Phone Calls

Securus Technologies is an advanced technology company. What makes them superior is the fact that all of their products are made in America, and a team of professionals makes their products in-house. Securus Technologies has never outsourced any of their technology projects. This goes for both hardware and software. Securus has a fantastic department that specializes in both hardware and software technology.


One of Securus’ recent creations is helping solve street crimes. Their new phone monitoring system allows police to listen in on phone calls made from inmates to people on the outside. The phone calls must include criminal activity. Throughout several of the states using this technology, there have been thousands of arrests in 2018 alone. Police have had people from the outside talking to inmates about when and where they were going to conduct a drug deal. The cops went to the specific locations and made the arrests. Police officers cannot thank Securus Technologies enough for this outstanding technology. Many police officers themselves have emailed and even written letters to Securus to thank them for their efforts in helping keep dangerous people off the streets.


As we speak, Securus Technologies professionals are doing their best to come up with innovative ways to use their current technology. Securus has several lawyers on staff to make sure they are not breaking any laws. They also have several ex-prison guards on staff. The ex-prison guards give Securus advice regarding the types of technologies that are needed the most in prisons. Securus Technologies wants to do as much for the community as it does for inmates. Securus is happy they introduced video chatting software and hardware to inmates, but they also hope inmates can act responsibly and not break the law while they are incarcerated. Securus believes everyone is obligated to obey the law.