Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub is no longer the Ambassador of the State of Israel and many people are sad to see him go. During his four year tenure as ambassador he became beloved by the Israeli people and played a huge role in the relationship the United Kingdom and Israel now have. Learn more about Daniel Taub: https://www.thejc.com/lifestyle/features/farewell-mr-ambassador-interview-with-daniel-taub-1.67939 and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daniel_Taub

Many people think relations are the best they have ever been. Over the years there has been mounting tension between the two sides and taub has done his job as ambassador by quelling the situation.

Daniels ability to relate to people on a personal level was his greatest strength. He doesn’t present himself as better than the average citizen. He is not particularly fond of formalism and instructs individuals to address him by his first name.

Although humble he is filled with a sense of accomplishment. He leaves his position as ambassador knowing he did everything in his power to fulfill the role of his position. Furthermore, he gave more than a few life lessons on his way out.

He encourages everyone looking for direction in their life to read books. In his experience reading has really helped him feel connected to what he is doing. another one of his words of wisdom deals with the subject of regret. Over indulge and stomp regrets, he says.

Daniel Taub’s journey to becoming Ambassador of the State of Israel was definitely unconventional. Born and raised in the United Kingdom he didn’t relocate to Israel until he was in his twenties. Despite this he quickly rose through the ranks. In a relatively short amount of time he went from combat medic to Ambassador to the Court of St James’s.

Because he was only the second British-born Israeli Ambassador many Israeli were reluctant to accept him as their ambassador. He has held many diplomatic positions over the years. With expertise in law, particularly international law, he is heavily involved in counter-terrorism efforts.

Prior to becoming ambassador Taub served as negotiator in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. Part of the reason he took the role as ambassador was because he though he could be of more use in that position to the betterment of Israel.

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Securus Technologies Is Helping Solve Street Crimes Through Phone Calls

Securus Technologies is an advanced technology company. What makes them superior is the fact that all of their products are made in America, and a team of professionals makes their products in-house. Securus Technologies has never outsourced any of their technology projects. This goes for both hardware and software. Securus has a fantastic department that specializes in both hardware and software technology.


One of Securus’ recent creations is helping solve street crimes. Their new phone monitoring system allows police to listen in on phone calls made from inmates to people on the outside. The phone calls must include criminal activity. Throughout several of the states using this technology, there have been thousands of arrests in 2018 alone. Police have had people from the outside talking to inmates about when and where they were going to conduct a drug deal. The cops went to the specific locations and made the arrests. Police officers cannot thank Securus Technologies enough for this outstanding technology. Many police officers themselves have emailed and even written letters to Securus to thank them for their efforts in helping keep dangerous people off the streets.


As we speak, Securus Technologies professionals are doing their best to come up with innovative ways to use their current technology. Securus has several lawyers on staff to make sure they are not breaking any laws. They also have several ex-prison guards on staff. The ex-prison guards give Securus advice regarding the types of technologies that are needed the most in prisons. Securus Technologies wants to do as much for the community as it does for inmates. Securus is happy they introduced video chatting software and hardware to inmates, but they also hope inmates can act responsibly and not break the law while they are incarcerated. Securus believes everyone is obligated to obey the law.


How Waiakea Water is Different from its Competitors

Bottled water is a crowded space with many of the brands trying different things in order to stand out. It’s now a huge, global industry that’s worth over $100 billion, something that not that many years ago most people would have thought absurd. People were fine getting water out of their tap which costs virtually nothing when it comes to drinking water. Slowly but surely, though, many people now prefer drinking bottled water for a number of personal reasons.

In order to stand out, brands will try different methods. Some come up with a unique and catchy tagline for the brand. Others express what makes their water unique whether that takes the form of vitamins and/or minerals, either occurring naturally or added during the bottling process. Still others point to the way they filter the water as a reason to buy their water.

One unique brand is Waiakea Water. What makes them stand out? Actually, a number of things do. First, the water they bottle is naturally alkaline which supports optimal health. It’s bottled Hawaii volcanic water and the way it is naturally filtered results in this alkalinity as well as naturally occurring healthy minerals. The Waiakea Water Ph level naturally varies but it’s around 8.8. this level helps the body get rid of free radicals that can lead to disease.

Waiakea Water has a range of minerals in that it picks up while being filtered through a volcano. This includes potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, and silica. It’s also water that tastes slightly sweet, which adds to its appeal.

Being better for the environment is also a claim that Waiakea Water makes. The bottles are made of 100% recycled plastic, for instance. Also, they partnered with another firm called TimePlast. The result was a material that can be added to the bottle itself in order to help it break down far more rapidly than any other water bottle. We’re talking about 15 years while other companies water bottles can take 15 centuries to finally decompose. This results in a bottle that is dramatically better for the environment than any of this company’s competitors.

Jose Hawilla – Entrepreneur with a Vision for Success

An entrepreneur is a person who has passion for innovation and a drive to make his or her ideas succeed. An entrepreneur has an unfailing vision of purpose and commitment to a cause. He or she not only wishes to be successful, but is also able to make the visions of a reality. This is accomplished through sheer hard work, self- motivation and confidence in oneself. Any business owner must be able to withstand challenges that are encountered during the process of creating and maintaining a commercial venture.

Jose Hawilla represents entrepreneurship in every way. He currently owns Traffic, which is a leading firm involved in marketing of sports products in Sao Paolo. Brazil is home to Jose Hawilla. Traffic operated a small business at the time Hawilla created it in the year 1980. Under his guidance, Traffic has surged ahead in the business and is now a firm employing a 630-member workforce. Traffic has large scale ventures and prestigious contracts with giants such as Nike. The headquarters of Traffic are placed at the posh locality of Jardim Paulista. Traffic owns the television broadcasting license os major sports programs of basketball, golf and football. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Traffic has a global presence and patrtners with firms all over the United States, Europe and Asia. The compnay profits are massive, to the tune of 24 million dollars. Jose Hawilla has demonstrated his administrative and enterprising skills through the rapid success of Traffic in a short span of time. Traffic went on to become the dominant marketing group in the fireld of sports.

Jose Hawilla spent the early years of his career as a reporter. Jose hawilla currently leads management of a plexus of newspapers He went on to buy Diario De Sao Paulo, a news publication in the year 2009. He also established himself as an astute businessperson through his takover of the Rede Globo telecasting plexus. He also acquired Rede Bom Dia, which manages multiple news periodicals such as Good Morning Marilia, Good Morning Catanduva, Good Morning Rio Preto, Good Morning Fernandopolis, and Bom Dia Jundiai. He later sold Rede Bom Dia and Diaria.

Jose Hawilla stands out in the world of entrepreneurs through his esxpertise in business, zeal for success and resourcefulness.

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