Best Travel Destinations

When looking for travel destinations, you need to be focused on what you would like; this ascertains that you are surfeited in the long run, and you can enjoy. If you are a lover of wildlife, look for places which aim in conserving wildlife. This will ensure that you can fulfill a desire. More so, it ascertains that you will have all the activities you would love like nature walks or even hiking. It will give you the expected experience and at times, more than anticipated. Learn more:


On the other hand, if you have someone else traveling with you, it is always good to factor in their needs, this is a means of ascertaining that you both have an enjoyable time. You are assured to attain maximum satisfaction as long as you can find a destination in which everyone is contented with. A travel destination is meant to be fun, and being able to enjoy with your partner does ascertain that everyone can have an amazing experience. Learn more:


One of the eco-friendly travel destinations is Costa Rica whereby you can experience nature reserves, national parks, and rain forests. Another travel destination to consider is the Republic of Palau, here, you will have the chance of traveling to over 500 islands which constitute the country. The country is aimed at ascertaining that the waters have been taken care of thus preserving the marine. Furthermore, it is an excellent place in which you will be able to view lots of endangered fish species in the world. Another location which you can consider is Kenya; it is a country devoted to taking care of wildlife. There are breath-taking savannahs and more than fifty national parks all of which you can have an amazing experience.


About Wild Ark


It is an organization aimed at ascertaining that the world’s wild places have been protected. This is achieved by making certain that the wildlife is safe, and so is the environment around it. It is a brilliant means through which the economy will always get to grow.


The company ensures that people can learn on how to protect the planet for the future generations. The education assists in promoting tourism all over the world and knowledge of the places in which someone can have a breath-taking experience.

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Fabletics Moves in Different Direction With More Stores

Kate Hudson decided to build Fabletics online first because she wanted to utilize her online marketing campaign to build an audience first. This would be one of the smartest ways to attract a large consumer base without actually getting engaged in the cost of operating multiple physical stores. As time has gone on however, Kate has realized that there is an audience that has not been reached just yet. In order to get a greater amount of visibility she knows that branching out into brick-and-mortar stores will be vital.


She also realizes that her desire to branch out into stores will give her access to a whole new crowd of investors that may have otherwise failed to notice what Fabletics is doing. Hudson is on a mission to bring this brand of comfortable athletic clothing to women around the world. This has been her goal from the very start, and now that she has the potential to attract investors there is a greater opportunity for her to accomplish her goals.


Hudson is teaming up with celebrities in the entertainment business and promoting her brand at a very fast pace. She is giving herself time to grow, and taking on new ideas that come from partnerships built with other celebrities that have their own ideals. This has given an edge that other companies like Amazon do not have.


When it comes to athletic clothing for women CEO Jeff Bezos is, at best, a re-seller of clothes that are usually designed by other clothing designers. There are a large number of people that start their own clothing stores through Amazon, and Amazon gets profits on the back end for the clothes that are sold. There are no designer Amazon athletic wear brands of clothing like what Kate has developed with Fabletics. This type of personalized design for her clothing line gives her a better advantage over so many other companies, and that is always a sign of the potential to go public. It is a privately held company, but co-founder Kate Hudson realizes that she has the ability to grow this company and in even bigger way if there are investors on board. It appears that she is prepping this company to get to that point where it can go public. Kate Hudson has put a lot of time into building her brand, and the increasing brand recognition for Fabletics is outstanding.

Eva Moskowitz: The Face of Positive Disruption of Education in New York

Eva Moskowitz is the CEO and founder of Success Academy. This is a network of charter schools and also happens to be the highest performing charter school network in New York City. Started in 2006 with the first school in Harlem, Success Academy has grown to 11,000 students distributed across 34 schools within its charter network. By far this is the largest network charter school in New York City. With its students mostly from struggling families and who may not be able to afford quality education, the Success Academy has ranked high in national proficiency test scores. In the latest New York State Assessments, 93% of students are marked as proficient on the maths exam, which is 58 points higher than the city average. In English, the network ranked in the top 3% of all schools statewide.



This success is not an overnight phenomenon, and it is the consequence of the curricular formulated and implemented mostly by its founder, Eva Moskowitz. According to Eva Moskowitz, she wants kids to be excellent readers, writers, mathematicians, and also to do discovery-oriented science five days in a week. Some of the disruptive curricular implemented within Success Academy include among others treating chess as an academic subject which students take. Eva believes this curriculum develops pure strategic thinking. The debate is also adopted as a subject to improve public speaking abilities. Students take part in local and national debate competitions. Each classroom is being stocked with its personal library to enable literary access, lessons are generated in-house, and the curriculum is the same across all schools in the network



There is also provision for sports, visual and performing arts. Though the emphasis is laid on the academic curricula in the school. Eva Moskowitz also happens to be a big believer in recess (an activity which has been suppressed by most public school systems). As a result, recess is observed in Success Academy through eighth grade. Eva Moskowitz believes this can help clear the boredom factor in education which is a major pain point in education, thus making the teaching methods observed in Success Academy focused on engaging the students.

Brad Reifler’s Efforts of Helping Non-Accredited Investors to Grow Their Wealth Has Seen Him Rise as a Financial Expert

According to Crunchbase, Brad Reifler is a celebrated financial expert world-over. He has made a reputable name for himself among the middle-class for creating products that are aimed at helping them grow their wealth. Brad studied Economics and Political Science at the globally revered Bowdoin College between 1977 and 1981.

Career Development

Soon after completing his university studies, he started his career by selling derivatives across the globe through Reifler Trading Corporation. He ran this firm until the year 2000 when he sold it to Refco. Inc. In 1995, Brad unveiled Pali Capital, which grew and expanded in a record time.

His keen eye steered the firm to the top, recording more revenue and profits year after year. As the Chairman, he was also able to move its operations to other parts of the world, such as Australia, Singapore, United Kingdom, and Latin America. He held his position at Pali Capital until his resignation in 2008.

Current Engagements

After leaving Pali Capital, Brad Reifler started Forefront Management Group in 2009. The firm is wealth and investment manager as well as a financial advisory provider to individuals and institutions. He has expanded his company to open several subsidiaries over the years. They include Forefront Advisory, Forefront Capital Management, and Forefront Capital Markets, LLC.

The latest branch created by Brad Reifler is the Forefront Income Trust, which he launched in 2014. He uses this platform to empower the middle-class by providing affordable investment strategies.

The fund does not charge management fees and allows investors to earn an eight percent return first before earning from them. Forefront Income Trust provides its investors with partial liquidity by buying back shares on a quarterly basis. The aim is to provide high returns while keeping risks at the minimum.


Brad Reifler has always led his company in investing back to the communities. He is particularly interested in the military and veterans as he believes that they deserve a better education, employment, and healthcare.

Recently, Brad Reifler donated $3 million to Easter Seals Dixon Center through Forefront Capital Advisors. The money went to fund military programs that included job training and caregiver training services.