Arthur Becker, a Technological Expert, and Real Estate Investor

Arthur Becker has a long history in the investment field dating back from his time in the university. He developed an interest in the investment world and had contributed to the development of many companies that have hit the global limelight in the recent years. He holds a degree of Bachelor of Arts from Bennington College in Vermont. This has been his stepping stone towards a successful career, and in 1988, he started working in the private client services division of Bear Stearns, Inc. He worked at the company while performing exemplary well and he later received a managerial offer from other enterprises including ProGroup, Inc. Becker then replaced members of the board of governor of the company and became the Chairman of the Board of Directors. This was a tasking position that required a well-experienced person with a huge interest in the management portfolio.

In 1994, Arthur Becker founded Bnox, Inc. This is a technological development company that focuses on the manufacture of camera equipment. The company gave him another leaf in life where he spearheaded the production of the state-of-the-art equipment that made the company be among the best manufacturing companies. His urge on the development and financial management led to the establishment of Advance Partners, LLC. This was a financial advisory company that gave training and guided investors on proper investment. The company specialized in financial valuation, opinion, and business development. As such, the firm helped Cendant Corporation to purchase National Car Park in the UK making it one of its major accomplishments.

Arthur Becker’s interest in the investment world led to the establishment of Atlantic Investors. The company has interests in both United States of America and the United Kingdom. Through expanded business model, the company acquired three data firms in the US in 2001 that were responsible for offering internet services. Due to increased ability to invest, Arthur Becker moved and started investing in the real estate industry. He began investing in property development with Madison Partners, LLC. This is one of the leading investment firms in the United States of America with interest spread across the world. Arthur Becker is a member of many boards of companies where he has contributed to their financial development and policy formulation.

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