A Look at Betsy Devos’ Philanthropy Work in 5 Minutes

Betsy is the 11th US secretary of education. She was nominated by Donald Trump, and the US Senate confirmed her on 7 February 2007. Betsy went to Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan where she graduated with Bachelor of Arts degree. Betsy is the wife to Dick DeVos who is an activist, entrepreneur, and a philanthropist. Betsy and dick have four children and five grandchildren. Before she was nominated for the US secretary position, Betsy had served on the boards of several charitable and civic organizations both locally and nationally.

She has been participating in education matters for almost 30 years as a voice for parents and an advocate for children. She is mostly passionate about policies that help underserved children get a quality education. Her mother, a public schoolteacher influenced her passion in education matters at a young age. This love grew when her kids went to school, and she realized that not all children in the USA are given the opportunity to get a quality education. She joined leaders in her hometown who were doing their best to improve education opportunities for students. Since then, Betsy has been involved in the fight to ensure children and parents are getting better educational options. Check this related article from nypost.com

Betsy has served as an in-school mentor for children in the Grand Rapids public schools in Michigan for 15 years. As a leader in a movement that empowers parents, Betsy worked hard to support the establishment of new education options for children and parents in the District of Columbia and 25 states. As the secretary of education, Betsy DeVos promised to work with the government to provide equal learning opportunities to all children. She firmly believes that income or zip codes should never be used to determine if a child gets an excellent education or not. She will advocate for taking back control of education to localities to give parents the power to choose the school systems that suits their children. Read more news on LATimes.com

Betsy and her husband Dick through their philanthropic foundation have donated millions of dollars. They started the organization in 1989. From the tax reforms by the foundation, obtained by POLITICO after a request, it was discovered that the body had given out more than ten million dollars to some charity organizations in 2015. They had also pledged to add another 3.2 million dollars in grants in the future. Combined with her Christian beliefs, Betsy is a great philanthropist who has created a very significant impact on people’s lives.

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