Securus Technologies Hits The Mark

Securus Technologies is located in Dallas Texas and provides sophisticated communications services to over 3,400 correctional institutions, law enforcement agencies, and safety organizations. The serve over 1,200,000 inmates and their families in North America.


Securus offers several different phone plans through the iPad, Android, tablet, and landline based phones. Choices range from an advance prepaid plan, a collect phone plan, a direct billing plan, and an inmate debit plan, where the inmate pays for the phone charges himself. There is email, Jail Voicemail, and a money transfer capability. One of the more popular plans is the video phone plan where both parties can see one another if they each have a web camera located on each end of the call.


In recent months GTL, a competitor of Securus has made boastful and non-truthful claims about how much better their phone services and pricing structure is so much better than that of Securus. This outlandish behavior is doing nothing but spouting distortions and untruthful information out to the public, and Securus decided that it was time to stop this outrage.


Securus let it be known that they would offer a challenge to GTL to compare all costs and services side-by-side and that the results would be judged by an independent third party entity. The final results would be final and lasting. For a few weeks after that announcement, there was silence from the other side, and then finally GTL declined the offer.


With all that Securus has to offer, with its top-flight call center, its commitment to excellence in customer service and speed of connection, and an overall determination to be the best in the industry, GTL could not compete. Their song and dance bragging got them nowhere but into a less favorable opinion in the public eye. Once the public found out the truth, there is no point in GTL continuing on with their charade.


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