Fortress Investment Group: Setting The Standards For Investment And Asset Management Companies

Founded in 1998, Fortress Investment Group has time and again demonstrated that they are the company that corporates can trust when it comes to investment and asset management. Operating out of its headquarters in New York, the company stands as one of the most well-known companies of its kind. Since the company was first established, Fortress Investment Group has been able to offer its expertise to clients coming to them from all over the country. Through the years, the company has developed the range of investments solutions that they provide, and also the services that they offer. Because of this constant urge to improve, the company has grown tremendously over the years, emerging as a notable and well-reputed name in the industry. The founders of the company are also one of the more significant reasons why the company has been doing so well over the years, The founding members of the company were Randal Nardone, Wesley Edens, and Rob Kauffman.

Through the years, the founding members have implemented a number of changes that have improved the workings of the company as a whole. By pooling their expertise and skill in the field, they were able to guide the company and the clients coming to them. This work that they have done has taken Fortress Investment Group up the ranks to reach the more notable positions within the industry.Fortress Investment Group has received numerous awards for the work that it has done over the years. One of the more prominent awards that the company received was the Hedge Fund Manager of the Year Award. This was given to them by the Institutional Investor and was a prestigious award to receive. One of the other awards that the company was given was that of the Management Firm of the Year. This award was offered to them by another magazine known as HFMWeek. Many institutions have recognized Fortress Investment Group for the work that they have been doing and the deals that they have helped put into place.

Being a well-known name in the field of investment management is no easy task, but with some of the best financial advisors and analysts on one side, there is no reason why the company couldn’t emerge to become a well-known name. Today, the assets that Fortress Investment Group handles go into the billions range, with more and more assets coming to them every single day. There is no doubt that Fortress Investment Group has had a brilliant two decades in the industry. The key to the consistent success of the company lies in its ability to adapt to the changing conditions that are prevalent in the financial market. Because of this, the company has taken several unusual steps to stand out in the field. One such measure was the move that its leaders made to take the company public in 2007 and present itself on the New York Stock Exchange. Because of this, the company was able to emerge as a company that sets the standards, because they were the first investment company to go down this route.

Apraio’s Pardon Revives Checkered Past With Lacey and Larkin

Not everybody is happy that ex-Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been pardoned. Especially not Phoenix New Times founders and former owners of Village Voice Media, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. It is no surprise. After all the self-proclaimed “America’s Toughest Sheriff” did have the newsmen jailed back in 2007. A decision that cost taxpayers $3.75 million dollars.

This was the crux of the epic saga between the Sheriff and the newsmen, but their feud had been going on years prior to this incident. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin |

Following Arpaio’s indictment for criminal contempt in 2017, his opposition base breathed a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, it turns out that this will simply be the start of another chapter.

Most of what people know about Arpaio’s tenure as Sheriff comes from independent weekly Phoenix New Times. The counterculter paper was founded by Lacey and fellow ASU students back in 1970 in opposition of the Kent State Shootings.

During Arpaio’s six terms his tactics in regards to illegal immigration, his infamous tent city, abuses of power, and botched investigations began to grab the attention of reporters. His treatment of the Latino community eventually led to Lacey and Larkin targeting the Sheriff.

They began to run articles exposing numerous scandals, his treatment of prisoners, and corruption. Many fellow newspapers were not even covering Arpaio, so it was only through the New Times that the Sheriff was getting public exposure. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin |

This repeated exposure was soon covered by other news sources, until the story originally covered by the New Times would go national. This was made all the easier considering both Lacey and Larkin were also the governing heads of Village Voice Media, a multi-million dollar conglomerate of weeklies stretching from coast to coast. Naturally, Arpaio was not happy about this.

The events that led to Lacey and Larkin’s imprisonment began when Arpaio tasked a special prosecution team to investigate the paper and everyone attached to it. Prior to this Arpaio had been banning New Times reporters from junkets. Following an article that revealed the address of his home, Arpaio began investigating them.

After receiving a series of subpoenas Lacey and Larkin decided to print one in their combined byline. They were picked up the following night, very discreetly, and held for a total of 24 days. The arrest sparked much outrage that eventually led to the duo being freed, and suing the county for wrongful arrest.

Since then Lacey and Larkin have used the $3.75 million dollar payout to benefit the Latin-American community in Arizona. Allocated the funds through their charity the Frontera Fund, to finance Latin-American groups that fight racial profiling and work towards equality.

In 2012 they sold Village Voice Media. Presently the have returned to the news world with online independent news site Front Page Confidential.

The site publishes counterculture articles in preservation of the first amendment. As Apraio sets the stage with his run for Senate, the players are now ready to form his opposition, and chapter two will commence.

Doe Deere – Self-Made Beauty

Doe Deere is the Russian-born beauty who founded Lime Crime Cosmetics, a certified cruelty-free and vegan makeup company known for its glittery, brightly colored eye shadow palettes, nail polishes, and liquid eyeliners.


The stunning Deere grew up in New York City and even as a child, had a love for all things bright and whimsical. When she was older, Deere studied fashion design and illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Although she enjoyed her studies there, she felt stifled and decided to drop out to start her own clothing line so she could do things her own way and express herself creatively. This is when she came up with the catchy brand name “Lime Crime”.


Deere opened an online store in 2004 and was able to maintain a steady stream of sales. She credits her time spent working on the clothing line with helping her to learn about fashion trends and marketing.


While working on the clothing line, Deere also began working more with cosmetics and creating her own makeup, because she couldn’t find makeup that went along with the clothing she created. This is where she found her true passion, especially when people began responding so positively to the makeup she created.


Deere then created a blog with makeup tutorials which catapulted her to the next level by allowing her to reach a much broader audience and exposing more people to her personality and her brand. In 2008, Deere launched the Lime Crime cosmetics brand and it is currently available online and in retail stores in the United States and internationally.


Lime Crime is now famous for its bright colors, fun packaging, and innovative approach to the cosmetics world. An important facet to note about Deere’s Lime Crime is it was one of the first brands back in 2008 to focus so strongly on e-commerce, which was a risky move back then. Deere felt confident it was the right move, and clearly, it was.


What’s fascinating about Deere is she isn’t just a girl who loves playing with makeup. She’s a business savvy female entrepreneur who started from the bottom and made a name for herself all on her own. Deere frequently speaks on the topic of female entrepreneurship and women-owned businesses and loves to mentor other up and coming “boss babes”, because she knows what it takes to succeed.


The self-proclaimed “Unicorn Queen” paved her own way and creates her own trends so she can continue to give her fans, whom she calls “unicorns”, more of what they love.


Connect with Doe Deere on LinkedIn.

Daniel Taub Used Ambassador Opportunity to Get Back to His Roots

Daniel Taub is a diplomat. He knows a lot about handling stressful situations and he works to ensure he’s a neutral person when it comes to conflict. He spent most of his career learning how to be a good diplomat and that goes back to the work he did while he was an ambassador in the UK.

Since his roots were in the UK, but he lived in Israel, the position was a perfect fit. He was a great blend of both the countries and that allowed him to be someone either one could rely on when they were dealing with the embassy.

When Daniel Taub received his education in the UK, he knew it wasn’t where he was going to stop. Instead, he chose to continue making more opportunities for himself. He wanted the best education he could get and that allowed him to keep working toward better opportunities. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

Since he knew the best education came from The States, he decided that would be where he was going to go. He attended Harvard and learned how to make a difference while he was at school there. He spent most of his time learning more about diplomacy. After Harvard, he moved to Israel.

Even though Daniel Taub sees Israel as his home, there are still things he misses about the UK. He always wanted to go back but didn’t want to live there for the rest of his life. He thought there would be opportunities for him and he was right. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

The ambassador position gave him exactly what he was looking for. He could live in the UK full-time while still being an Israeli citizen. He made sure he learned as much as he could about it before he took on the position, but it worked out for both him and his diplomacy goals.

After serving as the ambassador, Daniel Taub knew what he wanted to do for his line of work. He started working as a director for a non-profit. His experience as a leader at the embassy made it easy for him to transition into a director role.

It was also easy for him to make sure he was doing everything right because he knew what he wanted to get from the position.

The non-profit had tremendous growth from the time Daniel Taub started working there. He knew what he could do and how he could help people grow even more with the non-profit.

Louis Chenevert Drives Improvements at United Technologies Corporation

Louis Chenevert is one of the foremost business leaders in Canada. He has had a successful career working at various companies. He is the current CEO of United Technologies Corporation. During his time as CEO, Louis Chenevert has made numerous changes to the company.

Louis Chenevert took over as CEO several years ago. When he took over the company, sales were declining and many areas of the company needed to improve drastically. Louis Chenevert decided to focus on several areas to immediately improve. Not only did Louis Chenevert improve employee morale, but he also decided to increase the research and development budget drastically.

Employee Morale

One of the most significant costs of operating a business is employee turnover. Few business owners pay attention to employee turnover. Losing quality employees can cost a business in several ways. Not only does it cost money to replace an employee who left, but it also reduces productivity at the company.

Louis Chenevert implemented several policy changes to make employees more productive. He decided that employees could have unlimited vacation days. He also said that employees could be flexible about the times when they arrived or left the company. These changes helped employees feel more relaxed and excited about working.

Financial Changes

Louis Chenevert is an expert in financial planning at large companies. Some people do not realize how many decisions have to be made each day by prominent business leaders.

Louis Chenevert decided to decrease the total debt of the company. He wanted to increase cash flow and reduce the overall financial risk of the company. At one time, United Technologies Corporation had more debt than other companies in the industry. The company now has a strong balance sheet with record levels of cash to invest in the future. Louis Chenevert should be proud of the work that he has accomplished at the company.

Meet Michael Lacey: He’s an esteemed mathematician whose key research in mathematics has earned him Ph.D.’s, fellowships, accolades and awards.

Michael Lacey is the professor of mathematics at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Mr. Lacey joined the faculty of Georgia Tech in 1996. Mr. Lacey received a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2004, based on work he did, co-jointly with fellow peer, Xiaochun Li.

Mr. Lacey has been the director of grants like the Mentoring Through Critical Transition Points in Mathematical Science (MCTP), and the Vertical Integration of Research and Education in the Mathematical Sciences (VIGRE).

These two grants are awarded from the National Science Foundation (NSF). Mr. Lacey has been given a fellowship at the American Mathematical Society. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

Mr. Lacey has counseled many undergraduate students at Georgia Tech, who then progressed on to very preeminent graduate programs. In addition to the many Ph.D. candidates who moved on to industry and academic jobs, Mr. Lacey’s impressive resume includes his advising of over 10 post-doctoral students.

In 1987, Lacey received his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, while under the academic tutelage of Walter Philipp.

Lacey’s Ph.D. thesis was in the subject area of probability as in relates to Banach spaces. As part of this thesis, Lacey solved a problem that directly associated with the law of iterated logarithm for empirical characteristic functions. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey |Math Alliance

Michael Lacey also held a position from 1989 – 1996 at Indiana University. One of Lacey’s two postdoctoral roles was at University of North Carolina (UNC), at Chapel Hill.

While at UNC, Michael Lacey and Walter Philipp provided proof of the central limit theorem in the mathematical field of probability theory. Lacey’s other position where he conducted his postdoctoral work was at Louisiana State University.

Michael Lacey was also been awarded the Salem prize in 1996, along with Christoph Thiele, for a mathematical conjecture that they solved in tandem. This conjecture was directly associated with the bilinear Hilbert transform.

Securus Technologies Developing Highly Advanced and Modern Correctional Services

Securus Technologies is credited with developing one of the most advanced technologies recently that would put an end to the menace caused by the drones, once and for all. The drones have been used increasingly by the criminals in the past few years to send contraband supply into the prison. If this is not stopped, the safety and security inside the prison would be mainly compromised. The Securus Technologies has been trying for many months to develop a technology that would be able to detect the entry of the drones into the prison premise.


If that is achieved, the drones would not be able to supply the contraband as it does now. Many of the criminals and the inmates depend upon the illegal transportation of contraband carried out through the drone. There are fixed timings and spots that are used for contraband package drops inside the prison, which are decided to ensure that the corrections official catches neither the drone nor the contraband package. However, such an arrangement would be quickly captured with the help of the technology such as drone detection technology that is recently developed and launched by the Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies has been investing millions over the years in developing correctional technologies that would keep the prison environment safe and secure. Securus Technologies believe that it is the technology that would keep the prison environment safe and uncorrupted. Many of the prison officials have also been caught with the help of technology, which is found to be guilty using the technology. Securus Technology is a leading correctional firm, and it is proved by the fact that not only the products and services offered by the company are award-winning, but its customer service was also recently awarded three Gold Stevie Awards.


It is what signifies that Securus Technologies is highly dedicated to its cause of modernizing the correctional sector. There are many technologies that Securus Technologies is working on currently, and would be launching soon. Many of the services offered by Securus Technologies, either to the inmates or the law enforcement agencies are not only reliable but also affordable. The company serves nearly four thousand correctional agencies, primarily in North America, and aims to widen its reach across the rest of the country soon.


The CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, has extensive plans for the expansion of the company in the years to come. He is also one of the reasons why Securus Technologies’ revenue has jumped drastically in the last few years. Securus Technologies has many products and services and thanks to the company’s recent investment spree in the last couple of years, it is expected that the company would launch many new products and services in the next few years.



Hussain Sajwani: Spotlighted for Success

Hussain Sajwani founded DAMAC Properties, a forward-thinking developer specializing in residential, resort, and commercial properties. Although the sharp businessman is now worth over $4 billion, he started from humble beginnings. He helped out in his father’s watch and pen business as a young child in the Middle East. Hussain Sajwani decided to attend college, studying medicine-then discontinued. Later, he made a bold move by investing in a Dubai residential property. The young entrepreneur achieved unit sales before the building went to construction. This is when the DAMAC Properties came into existence. He has been in business as of 2002-since then, his portfolio has ballooned with luxury hotels, resorts, and other commercial projects across the Middle East. The visionary has enhanced the Middle Eastern skyline with masterful architecture. Hussain Sajwani applies a powerful notion of sophistication and sensibility to each installation. He marries together elegant accommodations, first line amenities, and emerging technology-with location, location, location. These signature components are always certain to produce successful property developments.

Hussain Sajwani has partnered with real estate heavyweight Donald Trump in 2013 on superior golf resort, The Trump International Golf Course Dubai. The 18-hole leisure community was named ‘Best Golf Development’ in the world by the International Property Awards in London. Mr. Sajwani has undergone other golf and leisure developments that are in various stages of construction. The DAMAC Properties has made major strides by being listed on the London Stock Exchange market as of 2013-becoming the first development company in the Middle East to make such an achievement. Mr. Sajwani also established catering services under DAMAC Holding. The properties have been deemed as the largest Middle Eastern hospitality business in existence today. Hussain Sajwani generously supports multiple charities. He focuses on giving back to today’s youth in various ways such as contributing to clothing drives as well as supporting initiatives for higher learning. The accomplished billionaire believes that with dedication and hard work, everyone can achieve the goals that they have set out to achieve.

DAMAC Owner, Hussain Sajwani’s Latest Venture

DAMAC properties have recently unveiled a new project that has gained the attention of the Middle East. The project is set to attract numerous of tourists who choose Dubai as their location of a visit. The project is called Reva Residences. Reva is a series of luxurious apartments based at the heart of the already beautiful Dubai. The residences are located near most of the beautiful sited that the place has to offer specifically the heart-melting canals. Reva also provides apartments with state of the art facilities from the materials used in construction to the facilities offered like a gymnasium, pool, paths alongside the waters meant for jogging and leisure walks, dining facilities, a play area for kids, and an outside patio. In addition, the interiors of the one bedroom apartments are simply breathtaking. The kitchen fittings, the furnishing and the spacious lavatory rooms and every other room in the apartment are just but a few things that Reva has to offer.


The establishment of Reva Residences does not come as a shock to anyone as DAMAC properties have a reputation for delivering way above peoples’ expectations. DAMAC is a luxury real estate company that develops properties for businesses, individuals, families and leisure purposes like Reva. The company was formed in 2002 by one tycoon by the name Hussain Sajwani.


Hussain Sajwani is a 65-year-old Emirati who is known for being on the Forbes list for the ten richest and influential men in the Middle East. He has a net worth of close to 4.2 billion U.S dollars, a worth that was earned through hard work and innovation being that he was born to a humble family and even got through his university education via a U.S government scholarship to the Washington University.


With a degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics, Sajwani began by working in the finance industry for some years before forming DAMAC. Owning to the success at DAMAC and his own personal success, Hussain Sajwani has also had a foundation that is named after him that promotes technological advancement for the youth in Arabic states by sponsoring other foundations.

Jed McCaleb Takes Stellar to International Consumers

Jed McCaleb is a well respected programmer in the blockchain industry. Previously, he assisted in making Ripple into the success it is now. He has been involved in Mt. Gox, Usernet, eDonkey, Ripple and now Stellar.


His first innovation was with a tech company called eDonkey. Jed McCaleb created one of the first multi-source P2P file sharing protocols. At the time, this was industry leading technology. Similar technology is used in modern day for P2P programs.


Usernet came next. It was also a P2P program. Eventually eDonkey and Usernet merged together and formed eDonkey2000.


Next came a completely different company in the tech industry. Jed McCaleb created Mt. Gox as a platform for players of Magic: The Gathering to use to trade virtual cards on Magic’s digital, online version. Eventually Jed changed the direction of the company and turned it into the world’s first bitcoin exchange.


About Stellar


Stellar was created when Jed McCaleb and Joyce Kim put their minds together. Stellar is a blockchain protocol that is intended to be used as part of a financial institution’s digital infrastructure.


IBM and Stellar have teamed up to bring banking to the developing world. The deal with Stellar is all about moving assets across borders in the South Pacific. With Stellar, the citizens of these countries have a banking system that they never dreamed imaginable. Stellar has brought expensive services to an audience that could previously not afford them.


In addition to IBM, Stellar works with companies all over the world such as Tempo, Stronghold, Parkway, Cellulant, and Flutterwave.


Stellar may be intended to be used by those in countries that have yet to fully implement digital industries, but Stellar is still available in more developed countries too. Telindus is one such company out of Europe that has decided to put Stellar to good use.